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User relationship management

The modernisation of public institutions is underway and has been accelerated by the Public Action programme

Public administrations must reinvent their practices and simplify their operation for users by relying on innovative and modern digital solutions such as user relationship management platforms.

What is user relationship management?

To provide a better service to users, better manage their requests, inform them in real time while improving the working conditions of your agents, you need to dematerialise requests at the source, to ensure secure, fluid and end-to-end processing.

A GRU/GRC solution allows you to deploy a multi-channel strategy to improve and optimise the processing of user requests. Indeed, all the user’s requests, whether it is through the teleservices exposed by the platform, phone calls, SMS requests or emails, are recorded in the GRU solution. The same applies when the user goes to the reception desk. The staff member is able to access his or her file and enter the user’s request in the portal. All the information is linked to the user’s account in order to obtain a global 360° view of all their needs and provide the appropriate responses.

A user relationship management solution enables the centralisation of all the requests made by a user and the exchanges with the latter for a quality relationship.


Simplification of procedures

centralized 1

Centralisation of user information


User satisfaction

Security & compliance

User relationship management platform:
for what needs and to do what?

User relationship management helps public organisations to simplify and streamline communication between users and their agents.

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users' expectations by adapting to new uses

easy use


users’ procedures



agents’ day-to-day tasks


Open up

the information system

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Measuring and guaranteeing

the service provided to users

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Meet users' expectations by adapting to new uses.

Technological developments have the effect of constantly transforming the practices and the relationship between users and public institutions. The information channels for the user as well as their expectations regarding public administrations are evolving.

Being able to initiate an administrative procedure at any time

Save time and simplify the user journey

Accessibility of procedures from a mobile device

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Simplify administrative procedures for users

A URM/CRM portal enables the user to create their account in a person space. Once connected to the citizen portal, the user specifies their information, their family members (association, company), the documents required for certain procedures (ID document copy, company registration (Kbis), etc.) in order to be able to reuse them simply as part of new online procedures. Thanks to this secure personal space, the user no longer needs to systematically search for their documents to complete new procedures.

Secure personal space

Real-time tracking of requests

Third-party procedures

Through their account, the user has a single digital point of access to the various remote services offered by the platform. The user can follow all their steps in real time, without having to request your assistance. They can read the status of their request (validated, rejected or completed for example). They can also make additions, if necessary, at their request at any time of the day, without depending on the opening times of their local authority or town hall.

Lastly, a user relationship management (URM) platform allows you to make an appointment for slots available with the local authority. So, no more queues in front of a counter.

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Improve agents’ day-to-day tasks

Do users contact you by phone, by email, a PDF form downloaded from your website? Or have you developed an application for each procedure, without standardisation both on the user side and on the agent side? Does each step require many data entries within your different departments? and in many cases, the user actually has to physically attend appointments!

A user relationship management solution offers administrative agents a single dashboard with all user requests, regardless of the channel chosen by the user to make their request: from the online portal, by telephone or by mail.

Managing deadlines

Standardisation of responses

Cross-functional vision of the different user requests

Immediate access to information

Offer your administrative agents a simple and effective solution that supports them from start to finish in the handling process

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Open up the information system with new digital services

Digitising user procedures in the form of remove services accessible from a secure portal, enables digitisation at source. The back office offered by a user relationship management solution automates, during the request processing phases, the integration of useful information for business applications, without any data re-entry.

Cutting down on input errors

Cutting down on time-consuming tasks

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Measure and guarantee the service provided to users

A URM solution enables senior management and elected officials to easily obtain statistics on the use of the platform and the services provided, such as, for example, the number of requests processed across the different departments, average processing time per type of request, nature of requests, etc.

This makes it possible to measure the service rendered in relation to the targets set, to identify any malfunctions and to correct them easily by adapting the administrative process, for example. You can manage all the actions and optimise how the different departments operate.

What are the benefits to be expected from user relationship management software?

Reveal the full potential of your public organisation using a URM platform

value chain


the user journey and increase productivity

group users


bonds and trust with users

meeting 1 1


the work of elected representatives visible and valuable

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Simplify the user journey and increase productivity

With a URM/CRM platform you can simplify and speed up the procedure handling process. Your agents become more productive as everything is digital at source, which avoids the need for data re-entry and loss of information.

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Strengthen bonds and trust with users

A user portal give a positive and modern image of your public administration which strengthens the sense of proximity with your users. You can adapt your organisation to new uses, and your agents are freed from time-consuming tasks to provide better service.

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Making the work of elected representatives visible and valuable

By providing comprehensive and easy-to-use teleservices, you establish a quality relationship with your users where they feel heard and understood. You make the process transparent and inform them in real time of the progress of their application. You thus enhance the service provided to your users.

The essential functional bricks of GRU

A customer relationship management software includes a certain number of essential functional modules which complement each other, for an optimised processing of the procedures

Depending on the publisher, all of these bricks are packaged and delivered in the product or can be activated as and when required by the customer.

crm 1

CRM, user repository


User portal Mobility Connectivity France Connect

cheque de paiement

Online payment


Making appointments


Electronic signature


Workflow for processing files

magnifying glass

Data analysis, statistics and reporting


API, Integration

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Capacity to innovate


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