What if you were to anticipate the arrival of the new employees?

You have found the ideal employee thanks to your recruitment policy, but you still need to retain them!

No access to the network, no access to the mailbox, no PC, no telephone and in some cases not even an office. So, forgetting to prepare in advance the arrival of a new collaborator within your organization, is not without consequences !

bad review

Poor image of your company

risk management 1

Operational risks


Loss of time and efficiency

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Rethink your approach to HR onboarding

You should know that a properly onboarded employee easily finds their place within their department or division and will therefore be even more motivated if they feel welcome. The onboarding process is the first image an employee will get of your company.

Your recruitment campaign has a cost, so don’t waste this investment on a hasty procedure, because you didn’t anticipate the arrival of your new recruit. It is therefore important you give an innovative and positive image.

A digital onboarding solution makes it possible to anticipate the arrival of your new employee, to involve the teams, to facilitate the administrative aspects, and to ensure the security of HR practices.

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Facilitate exchanges between departments involved in onboarding

The process of integrating a new employee is a critical process for the Human Resources Department, but it does not only concern this department. Many departments are involved, which is why it is necessary to control this process in order to ensure effective end-to-end management.

By managing the HR onboarding process electronically using Business Process Management (BPM) software, you can prepare for the arrival of the employee in advance by allowing each department concerned (Manager, IT, General Services, Telecoms, etc.) to be informed, to process the request, and the HR Department to track the progress of the process, in order to be ready on the day. 

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Secure HR practices, ensure regulatory compliance

You will be able to allocate the right resources according to the position held by the employee: equipment, IT resources, access to business applications, etc.

No more exchanges by email, without any control or tracking. Each form is tracked, and is directly sent to the proper contacts for processing.

Why choose Efalia Process?



Digitise per process: onboarding, offboarding and other HR processes.



The process is fully configurable, with no development required, to be in line with your HR practices.


Tracking of tasks

Different dashboards allow you to track requests, anticipate delays, and manage priorities.



Platform open to your ecosystem, easily integrated into an HRIS or business applications.

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