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Your challenges

You are a major industrial player and you have invested heavily to optimise your production, procurement and logistics processes using ERP-type solutions to maintain your competitiveness and margins.

Faced with these high-performance production processes, many documents and other business processes are managed manually: which translates into loss of efficiency, increased costs and risk for your organisation. Compliance with regulations and the improvement of customer satisfaction (ISO 9000) also require strict attention both in the management of your documents and in the processing and monitoring of processes.

Difficulty searching for a document or information (inspection audit, customer request, etc.)

Time-consuming, unsecured, untraceable manual processes

The confidentiality of certain documents is not guaranteed

Multiplication of shadow IT applications that are outside the scope of information governance

Harness digital for a competitive advantage and optimise your business processes.


Responding to customer needs

78% of managers


Opportunity to reduce energy consumption

75% of managers


Need to satisfy business requirements

81% of managers

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Our promise

We help industrial companies who want to reduce their time-consuming or high-risk tasks by complementing their production system with easy-to-use, flexible and secure digital solutions.

The digitisation of documents (production order, quality procedures, delivery slips, non-compliance, etc.) and the associated processes make it possible to reduce your costs, improve your performance and simplify the work of each employee. This will improve your profitability!

Share technical knowledge, product sheets, and make it easy to find information

Improve, streamline and optimise work processes while integrating them into your information system

Manage compliance and secure Quality processes and data

Identify risks and automate preventive actions

value chain

The right information at the right time

Your employees can focus on value-added tasks centred around the customer

time to market

Improved traceability

Cut costs and improve profitability


Grow faster

Your organisation is agile and responsive to high growth

Efalia Suite for all your organisation's services

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Enhance your sales performance

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Human resources

Digitise HR processes and documents

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General services

Validate and sign your documents

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Digitise financial processes and documents

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Use cases

Efalia Suite addresses the different issues of the industry sector thanks to a rich, modular and open functional coverage

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Have control over your quality system: quality documentation and process management

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Management of technical, product and regulatory documentation

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Composition of outgoing documents: labels, bar codes, manufacturing orders, delivery slips, invoices

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Launch of new products through the implementation of an automated process

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Management of calls to tender: Go/NoGo process

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