What if you could communicate more easily between administrations?

You often exchange documents with other administrations and these exchanges struggle to be fluid. Document transfers, often done by email, are executed outside standard and secure processes. Your teams lose time and you cannot track the various exchanges with the different departments.


Wasting time

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No comprehensive overview of communication


Complicated dialogue

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Poorly controlled/non-secure document transfers

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Increase your performance, communicate easily

Your contacts can contact your administration via several channels and interact with your various departments.
By selecting a communication platform, you can centralise requests and offer users a single point of contact. Requests, supporting documents, appointments, etc. everything is administered on a platform that centralises all the information.

You can quickly transfer files, you save time searching for documents, you avoid unnecessary copies, you streamline the entire administrative processing of files. They are automatically filed in the Efalia DMS according to the filing plans.

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Track communication, adopt a cross-functional vision

You can track all communication with your administration. At all times, you can find out about the processing of communication with all departments.

All communication is recorded: calls, emails, quotes, photos, documents, etc. and you can guarantee traceability.

Thanks to a comprehensive overview, you can manage your activity more easily.

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Secure your communication

The data in the communicated documents may be sensitive, for example:

  • Transfer of MDPH (disability services) beneficiary files in the event of a change of department
  • Transfer of an agent file between Management Centres

By digitising communication, you can provide a framework for processes and data access.

Exchanges of data and documents take place on a certified and secure platform. Recipient contacts are always up-to-date and you can be sure to send the folder to the right contact.

Documents can be accessed online at any time.

Why choose Efalia Portal?



The process is easily configurable, with no development required, to be in line with your needs

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Platform open to your ecosystem, easily integrated into public service software, a CRM or business applications

easy use

One-stop shop

A single gateway for administrations, all data and exchanges easily accessible

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Improve your relationship with administrations

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Streamline communication and improve the experience

Why use an online communication portal?

Secure document transfers and file them in 1 click


Have a cross-functional vision of your services

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