What if you had full control over your document validation and signature processes?

Every day, you validate and sign numerous documents (contracts, vacations, purchasing management, contracts, internal memos, letters, etc.). But this circulation on paper or by e-mail with a follow-up in Excel is far from being efficient. What is the status of an administrative letter in the validation and signature circuit? Has it been signed? Where is the initiator? Who are the signatories?
So many questions that you have certainly asked yourself, and so many consequences for your organization.

risk management 2

No traceability


Signature without evidential value

bad review

Damaged employee experience

So, opt for a digital signature tool and embark on a process of digitising your documents through the validation and signature workflow processes.

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Increased fluidity and traceability, with an electronic validation and signature process for documents

An electronic signature tool is intended to replace the paper signature book we all know or to replace traditional paper workflow processes. Fully accessible using an internet browser, it consists of digital trays (to-do lists) in which documents awaiting validation or electronic signature are presented to the user. Validation circuits are established beforehand by the operational administrator. These validation circuits can be hierarchical or determined by the user so that they can choose all the participants in the validation and signature circuit.

The validation and electronic signature process for administrative letters and internal notes is therefore fully digitised, secured and tracked within the digital signature tool. Whether you’re in the office, on the go or working remotely, the electronic signature tool’s cloud solution (SAAS) enables you to approve documents from anywhere.

By digitising your validation and signature circuits, the benefits are immediate:

The lead times for stamps and signatures are shortened and in the event of a delay, you are informed and reminded

You no longer have to be physically present to validate or sign: you can validate and/or sign your documents remotely, while working remotely for example or during your travels.

You can secure the process based on your validation and signature rules

Stamps and signatures are tracked through a circulation record

The signature has evidential value thanks to an electronic certificate

You cut down on printing, and it's good for the planet.

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Increased simplicity for speedy roll-out

You can modernise your organisation and simplify the validation workflow processes by opting for Efalia’s electronic signature tool:

To get started, open an electronic signature tool: You can choose a configured electronic signature tool or you can create your own workflow process for stamps and signatures

Then, insert the documents to be signed: You can drag and drop one or more documents and appendices

Then simply select the stamps and signatories and you’re ready to go: Depending on your type of signature tool, select one or more stamps as well as a signatory.

In 1 click, you can track the progress of the stamps and signature: You can track each step and status of the signature stool until the documents have been signed

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Increased security, with the electronic signature

The era of handwritten signatures is over, the electronic signature is embedded in the electronic signature tool for increased security. You can designate one or more signatories, or signatories external to your organisation (service provider, supplier, customer, etc.).

The electronic signature tool offers different levels of signature in accordance with the European eIDAS regulations.

Simple signature

Qualified signature using a cryptographic key

Why choose Efalia suite?



The electronic signature tool can be integrated into a wider digitisation chain with the use of a Document Management System (DMS) or a certified digital safe.

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The electronic signature tool is fully configurable, with no development required, to be in line with your signature practices.

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risk management


The electronic signature tool makes it possible to send the right information to the right people safely for both the validation and signature phases of your documents.

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Activity monitoring

Comprehensive dashboards to enhance and monitor the activity.

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Platform open to the outside, easily integrated with business applications.

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Accelerate the process of validating and signing documents

shared folder

Streamline exchanges and improve the employee experience

Why opt for an electronic signature tool?

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Cut down on time-consuming tasks

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Secure validation processes

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