Efalia Engage, the citizen participation solution for developing citizen engagement for the long term in your area

An online space for democratic dialog designed to facilitate active citizen participation in public life.

Efalia Engage makes it easy to collect opinions and encourages discussion. This citizen consultation solution offers user-friendly interfaces and tools for gathering opinions. What’s more, Efalia Engage combines the real world and the digital world to promote participatory democracy.

Efalia Engage is essential for local authorities and public bodies seeking to involve their stakeholders more closely in the decision-making process. The citizen participation platform helps public decision-makers to reach conclusions. It collects and analyzes information on urban planning, neighborhood life and plans for social and environmental transformation.

Efalia Engage is a benchmark for local authorities and public organizations of all sizes, helping customers to improve their quality of their dialog with citizens.

The Efalia Engage participatory democracy solution helps public bodies to be more transparent, responsible and effective in their public action.

Efalia Engage, a robust, turnkey citizen participation platform to put dialogue at the heart of your strategy.

A citizen consultation solution in SaaS mode, combining security, flexibility and efficiency.

The turnkey service includes secure hosting, proactive maintenance and dedicated technical and operational support. This online participation solution guarantees immediate availability, with functionalities operational as soon as they are deployed and a team ready to mobilise the necessary tools without delay.

Efalia Engage offers customisation and modularity, enabling organisations to configure the platform according to their specific needs. This participative platform is robust and evolves continuously to adapt to the rapid changes taking place in the digital world. It takes advantage of its users’ experience to constantly improve.

With Efalia Engage, public players save money by avoiding investment in expensive hardware and software. Updates are included and automatic, reducing the lifecycle costs of IT solutions.

Finally, this digital democracy tool minimises the technical challenges for decision-makers. There is no need for local IT teams to maintain servers. This frees up resources to focus on engaging citizens in democratic life.

Discover the features


Administration and scalable user management

Efalia Engage offers administrative role management adapted to the size and complexity of your organisation. The platform offers a choice of 2 to an infinite number of administrators and managers. It ensures a balanced distribution of tasks and precise control of access. This enables effective management of citizen participation processes.


Participation toolbox

The platform integrates comprehensive engagement tools such as calls for ideas, participatory budgets, quick polls and voting. Users can interact via multimedia contributions, dynamic mapping and voting using a variety of method, ensuring active and diverse participation.

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Flexible and secure authentication

Efalia Engage offers extensive personalisation of the registration form, authentication via social networks, and the option of participating without registration. For enhanced security, advanced authentication options are also available, including SSO, France Connect and credential verification.


Visual and functional customisation

From the design of the platform to the creation of intelligent folders and forms, Efalia Engage enables a highly personalised user experience. Publications can be multilingual, and advanced options include personalised domain names and RSS feed integration.


Integrated communication strategies

Efalia Engage is equipped to distribute news, generate personalised QR codes, share on social networks and create targeted newsletters. Automatic notifications keep participants engaged and make it easy to track news and updates.


Insights and advanced analysis

The platform provides statistical and qualitative analysis reports with export capabilities, participant representativeness indices, and report customisation options, enabling a precise and in-depth assessment of the impact of each consultation.

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Optimised internal collaboration

With Efalia Engage, teams can manage access, share projects before publication, schedule publications and keep track of changes. Assigning contributions and sharing internal notes facilitate collaboration and efficiency within teams.

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Safety and compliance

Efalia Engage focuses on security, with reporting of suspicious contributions, detection of abnormal votes, data encryption and compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA standards. The platform guarantees compliance with confidentiality standards and offers a choice of EU hosting countries.

Why choose Efalia Engage?

Efalia Engage centralizes and simplifies citizen participation, offering an exceptional user experience with an intuitive interface that facilitates engagement on any device

Our expert support guarantees smooth deployment and continuing support for all your consultation initiatives. The inclusive features of Efalia Engage enable harmonious integration between the digital and physical worlds, making consultation processes more flexible and accessible for a precise answer to modern needs for participatory governance.


Optimised accessibility

Efalia Engage stands out for its inclusive design, guaranteeing easy access for all users thanks to an AA-certified WCAG score. The user experience is enhanced by cookie-free access and fraud verification via Captcha, ensuring optimum security. Information is centralised in articles, events and FAQs with images. The platform is suitable for all devices and makes participation easy. Users are guided intuitively towards more involved actions.

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Efalia Engage seamlessly integrates the physical and digital aspects of the voting process. Identity verification is secure. Paper votes are digitised to facilitate the transition to digital voting. This is done while respecting traditional practices. The ability to export and import forms and external files ensures seamless integration of data, whatever its origin.

Management autonomy

Efalia Engage gives administrators complete autonomy thanks to its powerful dashboard. Users can customise their space easily. They can customise the home page, the graphic charter, the presentation of neighbourhoods and the management of downloadable documents.

It’s easy to create live events. It’s also easy to customise consultations. Data can be easily exported for smooth and complete administrative management.


Targeted approach

Efalia Engage adapts to each territory, enabling the creation of personalised spaces with distinct graphic and multimedia elements. Administrators can be differentiated by neighbourhood or population group, enabling precise management. Participatory mapping adds a spatial dimension to consultations, encouraging citizens to get involved in their community's projects.

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Technological flexibility

Efalia Engage's technological architecture is designed to adapt to rapid changes in the digital ecosystem. The platform is constantly evolving thanks to feedback from users, ensuring that it remains robust and of high quality. It offers local authorities a solution that adapts to change without compromising service quality or user experience.

Efalia support

Efalia is also a team of experts in citizen participation, working alongside you to help you define your needs, find the right consultation methodology, set up your platform, provide training and integrate our solution seamlessly into your practices.

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Efalia offers a range of training courses on document management, administration and the use of our DMS solution, as well as on the integration of Efalia Doc with your business applications. Our training takes place intra or inter-company, face-to-face or remotely.

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For your projects, we provide you with teams of consultants, specialists in digital documents in many sectors and businesses. We support you during the project management phases, with the digitisation of your documents, the installation of our solutions and the development of connectors.

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Third-party application maintenance

Efalia offers you additional operational functional support, aimed at optimising the use of our digital solution, beyond first-level support. This is the Alliance programme. In addition to solving any problems encountered, it includes monitoring the use of the product and improvement scenarios in how it is operated, in order to optimise their use.

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Efalia suite

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Electronic Content Management

Facilitate information sharing and accelerate the digitization of document processes.

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Document Management System

Have a document management platform accessible everywhere and at all times for all your company's employees.

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Business Process Management

Automate your business processes simply and easily with a Business Process Management platform.

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User relationship management portal

Modernize your customer relationship with a URM/CRM platform.

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Information Capture

The solution to scan your documents for everyone, from any device and wherever you are.

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Output Management Software

Reinvent your documents and create quality, value-added documents for better customer communication.

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Digital safe

Your certified digital safe to store and secure your documents in full compliance.

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Document sharing and tracking

Simplify and accelerate your sales processes. Gain security and stop sending documents as attachments.

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Electronic signature

Simply sign and have your documents signed online, in complete security thanks to the electronic signature.

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Exchange portal

Digitalize the relationship with your customers, suppliers and partners.

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