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Your ALLIANCE Manager, Success Guaranteed

The ALLIANCE programme provides you with a single, high-level point of contact:

Very experienced project manager, expert in our solutions.

Excellent communicator, pedagogue and committed to his clients

Gifted with a great capacity of analysis and synthesis for a quality reporting for good decisions

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Excellent, tailor-made interventions


High level of functional support

Efalia provides the CUSTOMER with a second level hotline (the first level being provided for "classic" maintenance) for access to a higher level of expertise. This service is intended to complement the corrective maintenance that each client receives as part of their maintenance contract.

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Maintaining competence in the specific parameterisation that we could have carried out for a rapid intervention in the event of a functional malfunction.

Efalia maintains the skills of its teams on the most up-to-date configuration of our solutions in order to intervene quickly in the event of a malfunction.


Support and expertise

Support and regular monitoring are offered for : - analyse the performance of the product's use - devise improvements in its use - propose solutions to problems encountered - present new product features.

The Efalia Suite

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Electronic Content Management

Facilitate information sharing and accelerate the digitization of document processes.

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Document Management System

Have a document management platform accessible everywhere and at all times for all your company's employees.

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Business Process Management

Automate your business processes simply and easily with a Business Process Management platform.

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User relationship management portal

Modernize your customer relationship with a URM/CRM platform.

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Information Capture

The solution to scan your documents for everyone, from any device and wherever you are.

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Output Management Software

Reinvent your documents and create quality, value-added documents for better customer communication.

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Digital safe

Your certified digital safe to store and secure your documents in full compliance.

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Document sharing and tracking

Simplify and accelerate your sales processes. Gain security and stop sending documents as attachments.

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Electronic signature

Simply sign and have your documents signed online, in complete security thanks to the electronic signature.

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Exchange portal

Digitalize the relationship with your customers, suppliers and partners.

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