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About Efalia

We are convinced that simplified access to information, its sharing through collaborative work processes, its distribution and its management are one of the performance challenges of modern organizations.

To respond to this change, we offer long-term support to companies facing this challenge with their digitisation strategy. To deliver this, we offer an agile, scalable, flexible and secure software suite that covers every step and requirement in terms of content management.

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Who are we?

We are an ISV and an expert in digital documents and processes. Every day, we streamline the administrative management of public and private organisations.

We offer a powerful, flexible and scalable software suite that helps organisations simplify access to information, share knowledge and facilitate automated workflow processes. We are keen to meet all our customers’ requirements in terms of digital documents and processes, and this is why we now offer solutions capable of meeting the various issues that we’ll be faced with over the coming years: electronic invoicing, automation of business processes, user relationship management, document management, electronic signature, interactive document composition, document tracking and certified digital safes.

To ensure we offer our customers the best solutions, we invest more than 25% of our turnover in R&D every year to enrich our solutions and extend our software suite.


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Team spirit

We maintain simple, frank and direct relationships.


Customer oriented

We develop offers with the customer in mind.


Product reliability

We build sustainable and standardized solutions.

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Respect for the environment

We work to limit our ecological footprint.

Our history

The digital solutions market is evolving, Efalia is positioned as a major player in the future consolidation of this market.

ScanFile International Ltd was formed in 1998 to handle the sales of the Spielberg Software GmbH ScanFile product to its sole distributor Canon UK. The company traded until May 2006. During this period many changes took place with Canon relinquishing its distribution agreement and Spielberg Solutions GmbH releasing the new FileDirector product in 2002.

It was decided to harmonise the company names in 2006 hence the change to Spielberg Solutions Ltd. During this period the distribution network in the UK was established to its current form.

Spielberg Solutions GmbH along with Spielberg Solutions Ltd. was acquired by Efalia in May 2020 and on 5th January 2023 Spielberg Solutions became Efalia Ltd.


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Fluicity and ODYSSÉE INGÉNIERIE join Efalia

Efalia strengthens its software offering for the public sector with Fluicity, a citizen consultation platform, and ODYSSÉE INGÉNIERIE, specialized in collaborative multi-channel information management.


We are celebrating our 40th anniversary

Acquisition of Mapping suite, an output management solution, making Efalia one of the major French players in the sector. Acquisition of Tilkee and its sales enablement software offer. We can offer our customers a tracking and management component for outgoing documents.


We have generated over €10M in turnover.

Efalia acquired Spielberg GmbH, expanding internationally with a subsidiary in Germany and England. Launch of our TRUST partnership programme. Initial certification of the Efalia Safe digital safe.


Efalia acquired 6TZEN, a URM/CRM solution.

Efalia strengthened its software offer for the public sector by purchasing the first user relationship management solution certified by ANSSI.


International expansion, with the launch of Efalia Swiss in Switzerland.

Efalia opened its first agency, with the creation of a subsidiary in Lausanne, aiming to offer all the company's solutions and associated support.




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