What if you transform the way HR is organised and its processes?

HR departments are handling an increasing number of administrative documents, published in a variety of formats. Their processes are often poorly managed. This often has a serious impact on the smooth running of HR activities.


Loss of time and efficiency

risk management 1

Operational risks


Damaged employee experience

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Increased efficiency and performance

By digitising HR processes with a content management solution, you can store, centralise and consolidate HR data and activities.

You can save time searching for documents, avoid inputting data two or three multiple times, limit the use of paper or mail, and streamline the entire administrative processing of files.

Employee/agent file management

Management of leave/rest day requests

Management of work stoppages

Tracking of salary increases and revisions

Management of annual appraisals

With the digitisation of HR processes, teams see increased productivity on low value-added activities and can focus on their core task: human resources.

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Secure HR data, ensure regulatory compliance

HR activities handle critical data: either because they process personal data about employees or agents or because they comply with strict regulations.

The digitisation of HR processes, provided by a workflow creation platform, makes it possible to closely monitor, harmonise and track access to individual employee data. It also contributes to the legal and regulatory compliance of HR processes.

Management of employment contracts, addenda

Management of contract terminations

Electronic signature of contracts, addenda

Management of work orders, memos

IT access management

The digitisation of documents and processes significantly reduces the operational risk for HR activities.

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Attract talent, retain your employees

Recruitment management and onboarding are a source of complexity for HR teams: the applicant is not yet integrated into the organisation and yet they still generate many documents and data!

At a time when applicants are in short supply, this is all the more important from a strategic point of view, a priority issue to be dealt with.

By digitising HR processes through the use of content management software, you significantly improve human resources and skills management.

Management and tracking of applications

Management of access and work tools for the new employee

Management of one-to-one interviews

Management of training, career requests

HR off boarding

Digitisation of HR processes improves collaboration between employees and the HR team, benefits the organisation’s brand image more broadly and contributes to employee engagement.

Why choose Efalia ECM?



Digitise per process, then expand as and when required.

centralized 1

One-stop shop

A single gateway for the employee, all data and all HR processes easily accessible.


Secure HR files

Confidential data protected and tracked, framework for critical HR processes.


Activity monitoring

Comprehensive dashboards to enhance and monitor HR activity.



Platform open to the outside, easily integrated with an HRIS or business applications.

Why digitise HR processes?


To engage employees1 - 1 HR decision-maker out of 2


To increase team performance2 - 4 HR decision-makers out of 6


For personalised tracking of employees3 - In 44% of companies

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