What if dealing with customer complaints was a priority issue for you?

Your customers are your company’s greatest asset, so don’t let them down by leaving complaints hanging around with delayed or no response!

The consequences can be serious for your organization.


Customer loss: loss of market

bad review

Media frenzy: bad brand image

money loss

Loss of loyalty: declining revenue

A significant proportion of dissatisfied customers do not bother to file a complaint with the company because in many cases, the company does not have a digital complaints procedure on its website, enabling the customer to easily declare their complaint and above all to track it! The company therefore loses customers without realising it due to the absence of a formal complaint!

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Modernise and improve your customer relationship

By managing the entire customer complaints management process electronically using a BPM software, you make the life cycle of the customer complaint, from its declaration by the customer to its resolution, smoother. 

Online declaration, mobility



Processing procedure

Management of actions

Customer information

With the digitisation of customer complaints, you can save time, no complaint escapes you, and the customer is kept informed for increased satisfaction.

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Facilitate exchanges between the departments involved for better customer satisfaction

With the help of a digital customer complaints management platform, all employees in your company become involved in the process. Depending on the type and nature of the complaint, an ad hoc processing procedure is carried out in order to guarantee response times, the provision of the right information to the right department, to ensure the traceability of the complaint and customer information until the it has been resolved.

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Improve your performance and lower costs

Digitising customer complaints using BPM software gives you a 360° overview of the entire customer problem, so you can make the right decisions, define the right actions and involve the right people for a quick resolution of the customer problem.

The customer declares their complaint online, which avoids double entries

A single repository stores all the complaints for better analysis, which leads to continuous improvement

Employees are informed in real time of the arrival of a new task and are aware of their role in the overall processing of the complaint

The information is available immediately for managers, to ascertain the origin, cause, priority and the actions taken for the complaint

The customer is informed of the processing of their complaint, which increases their satisfaction and therefore your reputation

Why choose Efalia Process?



Digitise per process: complaints management, incident management, etc.

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The process is fully configurable, with no development required, to be in line with your quality practices

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Platform open to your ecosystem, easily integrated into an ERP, a CRM or business applications.

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One-stop shop

A single gateway for the employee, all data and quality processes are easily accessible.

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Why digitise the customer complaints process?


Greater responsiveness.


Better quality response


Traceability and tracking of processing

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