What if you had control over the quality of your products and services?

If we take the definition unanimously recognized in quality management, a non-conformity is the non-satisfaction of a requirement or the deviation from a specification, a standard or an expectation.

It indicates that something has gone wrong with a process, a service or a product. Depending on their severity, non-conformities are usually classified as critical, major or minor.

So, forgetting to declare a NC, or not implementing the associated corrective or preventive actions is not without consequences for your company.


Customer risk: loss


Increased costs

bad review

Poor image of your company


of companies admit that they are unable to measure quality defects

5% of turnover

cost of quality defects estimated by 53% of businesses


of companies do not have an action plan to combat quality defects

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Modernise your quality process

The management of non-compliance makes it possible to control and certify the quality of your products and services. Managing this QMS (Quality Management System) procedure is therefore an important issue for your company, both in terms of an ISO approach or not. Therefore, it is essential you are able to quickly report and declare non-compliance in order to set aside and then correct non-compliant products, an unsatisfactory service, or an inappropriate procedure. This non-compliance declaration must be followed by the implementation of an appropriate action plan.

Office tools such as Excel quickly find their limits and are inadequate for effectively handling non-compliance.

By managing non-compliance electronically using process management software, you  can manage the entire life cycle of the non-compliance form (Declaration, Classification, Corrective Action, Identification of flaws, Measurement of actions, Verification, Closure for archiving). You can provide your employees with a simple and modern solution to easily declare and then track non-compliance.

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Facilitate exchanges between departments involved in this quality process

With the help of a digital platform to manage non-compliance, all employees in your company are involved in your quality system. A form accessible from a single source, makes it easy to declare non-compliance and to analyse it using a few input fields: Origin of the non-compliance (Internal, supplier, customer complaint, equipment, item, etc.), type of non-compliance, description, photos, discrepancies observed, etc.

A processing procedure is then carried out to guarantee response times, the provision of the right information to the right person, in order to identify the causes and guarantee the traceability of the non-compliance until it has been resolved.

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Increased efficiency and performance

Digitising non-compliance using BPM software gives you a 360° overview of the entire quality process, so you can make the right decisions, define the right actions and involve the right people at the right time.

A single reference system with all non-compliance

Immediate access to each form, to know the origin, the cause, the priority, and the actions taken

Control over the entire life cycle of a non-compliance incident via dashboards

End-to-end process throughout the processing chain for complete traceability

Each stakeholder can monitor the progress of the processing in real time

Why choose Efalia Process?



Digitise per process: management of non-compliance, audit, risks, etc.

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The process is fully configurable, with no development required, to be in line with your quality practices

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Platform open to your ecosystem, easily integrated into an ERP or business applications.

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centralized 1

One-stop shop

A single gateway for the employee, all data and all quality processes easily accessible.

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value chain

Guarantee the quality of the data

shared folder

Facilitate collaboration between the departments involved

Why digitize non-conformance management?

Give yourself the means to ensure your ROI

time management

Save time

best employee

Optimize the employee experience

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