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Manage your supplier contracts
easily and efficiently

Register and track your contracts, and never miss your deadlines again by dematerializing the entire life cycle of your supplier contracts.

What if you were able to control your supplier contracts?

Paper-based contract management is a time-consuming and risky activity for your business.

This results in inefficiency, high cost of managing contract documents, non-standardization of contract signing processes.

As a result, contracts are wrongly renewed every year. Monitoring the various suppliers, partners and service providers linked to your contracts also requires regular attention throughout the life cycle of the contract, whatever the type of contract (maintenance, software, lease, telephony, rental, service provider, energy, etc.).

Office tools quickly find their limits, because managing contracts is very difficult as well as respecting deadlines, alerts and especially commitments. Contracts are evolving documents that must be followed throughout their life cycle.


Loss of time and efficiency


Supplier risk


Financial risk

Digital contract management is therefore the best solution to save you time while improving your performance and the security of your information.

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Increased efficiency in managing your contracts

With digital contracts, you have an up-to-date contract library to create, track and manage all your contracts (partners, suppliers, legal, etc.).

All your supplier contracts can be accessed in one click (goods or services contracts, sub-contracts, maintenance contracts, telecoms and electricity contracts, etc.). You will be able to track the obligations and targets of your contracts according to the various planned milestones.

Each contract is digitised via a form enabling you to enter the characteristics of the contract such as the supplier, the category of the contract, the legal clauses, the date of signature, the effective date, the type of contract (fixed term, tacit renewal, etc.), the term of the contract, the amount of instalments due, the contractual obligations, the termination and expiry dates.

Drop-down lists facilitate the entry and consistency of the legal department’s contracts. Each contract follows a cycle of drafting, validation, publication in the contract library. No more exchanging contracts by email between lawyers and the different departments!

A validation workflow is offered by the solution to easily track the progress of the contract.

Registration and approval workflow for contracts

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Contract management with a 360° overview

With the help of configurable dashboards, you can track all your supplier contracts. No more consolidating with a spreadsheet! In just one click, you can see the breakdown of your contracts by supplier, category, status, etc. Each obligation and target is entered in the contract library, which alerts you to each intervention. You can anticipate and reduce your supplier risks right from the initial alerts.

Simple and efficient, you can manage the entire cycle of your contracts and reduce operational risks.

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Track supplier obligations

You can define the different contractual actions of your contracts, namely the obligations of your suppliers. So as soon as the deadline arrives, you can validate, postpone or reject the action. For each contract you have a dashboard with all the contractual obligations with their due date and status.

The review of the contract is therefore simplified and you save time with reliable information. During your negotiations with your suppliers, you will have factual elements enabling you to measure the discrepancies between the contractual obligations made and those fulfilled.

Improve tracking and compliance of the service

Automate reminders

Reduce costs

Be alerted in the event of a delay

Confirm the service rendered

Why choose Efalia Suite?

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