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Customer Communication Management

Customer Communications Management (CCM) is an often overlooked but strategic aspect of good business, the semantic evolution of traditional desktop publishing.

The right information, at the right time, for the right person and through the right channel: this is the promise that our modern and configurable output management solutions help you to keep.

What is Customer Communication Management (CCM)?

To provide a better service to users, better manage their requests, inform them in real time while improving the working conditions of your agents, you need to dematerialise requests at the source, to ensure secure, fluid and end-to-end processing.

A GRU/GRC solution allows you to deploy a multi-channel strategy to improve and optimise the processing of user requests. Indeed, all the user’s requests, whether it is through the teleservices exposed by the platform, phone calls, SMS requests or emails, are recorded in the GRU solution. The same applies when the user goes to the reception desk. The staff member is able to access his or her file and enter the user’s request in the portal. All the information is linked to the user’s account in order to obtain a global 360° view of all their needs and provide the appropriate responses.

A user relationship management solution enables the centralisation of all the requests made by a user and the exchanges with the latter for a quality relationship.


Simplification and Customisation

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Customer satisfaction

Customer Communication Management Platform: For what needs?

A CCM platform is a versatile tool that meets all the challenges of document production. This solution is the natural next step in output management as we know it, in a multi-channel communication strategy.

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Collect your company’s

strategic data

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data share

Enrich your data

(interconnectivity between the different information systems)

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this data to produce a document

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these documents via the appropriate channel

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Collect your company's strategic data

Does your organisation rely on a wide range of information systems (ERP, CMS, CRM, WMS, etc.) and is all your data spread over these? To retrieve this information and enable the production of a comprehensive and personalised document, interoperability between these different systems is necessary. The collection of this data, if poorly managed, can lead to errors and/or omissions in the creation of the final document and therefore, generate operational incidents for your company or customer dissatisfaction. It is therefore essential that you pay particular attention to it.

With a customer communication management solution, you can collect all your company’s information and centralise the resources needed to draft your documents thanks to automatic data flow integration. This data collection and the implementation of these flows are the starting point for all document production.

There are many different advantages:

Centralisation of information

Reliable information

Reduced risk of errors

Time saving

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Enhance your business-critical data

After collecting your corporate data, an enrichment of it is necessary in order to obtain a complete document, accurately meeting your customer communication requirements. Enriching your company’s strategic data means having the opportunity to customise your documents as much as possible. Customisation is a key point in customer communication management.

The right information for the right person is the basis of customer satisfaction.

This solution, which has the same advantages as an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), provides optimal use of the data using data enrichment. This provides:

Updated information

Information adapted to the situation

Comprehensive information

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Format your data to produce the document

There are as many documents as there are business needs they must match up effectively.

Do you need labels, statements, interactive mail or invoices? Anything is possible if you have the right tool. Formatting of the collected data enables you to create the appropriate document, which will provide the necessary information to your customer.

Proper management of customer communication ensures that documents are up-to-date and comply with the required format.

In fact, having a flexible format for the documents generated is essential in order to comply with customer requirements and in some cases, the document format is a legal requirement. You then have to monitor the different practices: this is what our scalable and proactive CCM solutions offer.

Endless customisation of your documents

Guarantee of the right information in the right format

Guarantee of compliance

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Circulate your corporate documents

What is the point of information that does not reach its target? Within the company as well as in relations with your customers, there’s no, or almost no point! Good customer communication management involves ensuring that the right information is sent through the right channel, at the right time and to the right person.

How do we ensure this? This is precisely the role that a CCM tool must fulfil! Communicating well to your customers to satisfy your customers, retaining them and reaching new ones. This requires multiple circulation channels and adapting to the constraints of each one. Rolling out partnerships and development to make sending documents easy. Whether for traditional printing, emailing, electronic archiving or DMS storage, everything is possible with a good CCM solution.

An efficient customer communication management system will guarantee the following 5 elements at the end of the document production process:

Correct information

Correct document format

Right person

Correct circulation channel

Correct time

This facilitates Customer/Company communication and is a source of satisfaction.

What benefits can you expect from customer communication management software?

A CCM platform is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction: the possibility of creating professional and engaging communications that can help retain your customers and attract new ones.

A document is a living part of the company. It must be able to be enriched, sent, and shared while remaining secure. Real-time availability of the document is a key factor in increasing the company’s competitiveness and responsiveness.

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your customers

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Increased efficiency

Using a CCM platform offers all your employees intuitive and ergonomic interfaces to communicate with your customers in the best possible way, reducing information loss and errors.

Information available to create documents tailored to customer needs: working comfort for optimal customer satisfaction.

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Increased productivity

The creation of documents, both for external and in-house use within a company, is a complex and time-consuming operation. It is therefore necessary to make use of high-performance technological solutions for those wishing to increase productivity. In fact, a CCM platform allows your teams to have easy access to information and thus increase their responsiveness in meeting customer needs.

Customer communication management makes it possible to process large volumes of information quickly and thus to support larger document productions. Generating a document, regardless of its format and distribution channel, in record time then becomes a breeze.

Not to mention that this rapid access to information frees up working time for your employees: time that can then be used on value-added tasks.

Responsiveness, speed, time saving, etc. Benefits that lead to increased productivity.

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Satisfy your customers

CCM solutions provide real support to the marketing department for their prospecting and customer loyalty strategies. And it is on the latter strategy that output management is seen as a cornerstone. In fact, customer retention costs 6 times less than acquiring new customers: therefore, you have to satisfy them as best as possible to retain them. And what better way to address your customers than through the right channel with the right information and at the right time?

In addition, this information can be edited, infinitely customised according to the defined targets and therefore have a significant positive impact on your customers.

A CCM is a must in a multi-channel communication strategy.

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Reducing the risks of poor communication

Using a CCM solution guarantees secure information processing thanks to the automatic integration of data flows. We then have up-to-date information, contextualised and formatted according to the pre-requisites of the previously defined omnichannel communication strategy. An efficient customer communication management solution avoids errors or omissions in the production of your documents and thus prevents customer dissatisfaction. Moreover, the distribution of incorrect information can lead to significant dysfunctions within the company, a loss of time and therefore of productivity, but also, depending on the error, a loss of money.

It is therefore essential to be able to rely on a reliable and secure CCM solution for your company.

The essential functional bricks of the CCM

Customer communication management software consists of a number of essential functional modules that complement each other for optimised document production and information distribution.

Our CCM solutions can be broken down as follows:

raw file

Collection of structured and unstructured data

metadata 1

Data enrichment (ETL-like functionality)


Document formatting


Production according to pre-established and required formats

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