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Secure and control your documents and processes,
increase customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction, reduce risk, standardise processes and ensure business compliance by digitalising your processes and documents.

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Your challenges

You are a key player in the financial or insurance sector and each day, your activity leads to the creation of a large number of documents. You must ensure the compliance of sensitive data and guarantee the quality and traceability of all processes; all in a highly regulated but also increasingly competitive environment.

You need to produce complex and varied documents such as contracts, account statements, subscription contracts in bundles, etc. You may even need to produce these documents in different languages. They must then be filed, archived and shared. They are spread out in many different applications, spreadsheets, files, servers, etc. The risks of errors, additional workloads, operational risks are real.

So launch your digital transformation, meeting compliance requirements and securing your processes and improving customer satisfaction.

Difficulties drafting custom documents.

The processes are complex for customers.

It is difficult to apply procedures and combat illegal activities.

Choose digital and improve customer satisfaction, reduce time-consuming tasks, ensure compliance of documents, automate processes and become more competitive.


54% of French people have difficulty carrying out their administrative procedures


1 in 5 consumers would like to change their bank


Only 45% of French people trust insurance companies

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Our promise

We support companies in highly regulatory sectors; wishing to stop manual and time-consuming tasks, at risk, by adopting a system to digitise documents and processes, which is open, secure and simple to implement. Secure your projects and ensure compliance, improve collaborative work, manage the document lifecycle.

Easily draft and share documents and data between employees and with your customers

Improve, streamline, optimise your customers' experience

Easily centralise, file, and archive cases and documents

Automate financial processes with secure, traceable, controllable and flexible processes


Increase efficiency and spend more time advising your customers.

Secure your data

Your documents follow defined workflow processes and are securely protected and stored. The data is always up to date.

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Improved traceability

You can modernise and digitise your processes, you avoid mistakes, your team is more responsive. You can improve your service quality.

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Improved customer experience

Your teams are no longer wasting time: they can quickly find the right information, and their tasks are automated, devoting themselves to their customers who experience better service.

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Reduce the risks

Ensure compliance with regulations by facilitating access to information, automating controls, protecting data, and managing authorisations.

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Use cases

Efalia Suite addresses the various issues of the financial/insurance sector thanks to a rich, modular and open functional coverage:

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Drafting of documents with high added value such as bank statements.

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Management of customer, financial and regulatory documentation.

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The automation and control of processes, such as claims management, the lending process or the granting of credit.

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Performance with your customers by ensuring high-quality service.

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