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Efalia Portal, an integrated solution to improve customer relations

Efalia Portal offers a dedicated and secure space to your customers to enable them to digitise their requests at source.

Communication is carried out using online forms, which are permanently accessible, which then facilitate their processing by your departments. Efalia Portal meets the expectations of all types of users: efficiency and simplicity for the applicant, better visibility and time savings for your users, management and operational simplification for management teams.

Efalia Portal adapts to your business specificities: Great freedom of administration, adaptation of organisational charts, openness to third-party IS.

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Multi-channel scanning

Handling of all customer communication channels (form, telephone, email, etc.).



office documents (including Microsoft Office, LibreOffice), videos, photos, etc.



accessible from a fixed workstation, a tablet, or smartphone.

Why choose Efalia Portal?

Efalia Portal is an extremely flexible solution that allows you to create a unique connection with your audience in a secure common space.


For the customer

A single account for all requests, regardless of their nature (personalised quote, after-sales service, etc.). Real-time tracking of the processing of requests and communication with the departments in question. Event registration management. Access to personalised documents.


For your users

Centralisation of customer requests. Back office for processing requests or transferring information about your business software (CRM, etc.). Digitised two-way communication with the customer.


For management

Improved customer satisfaction. 360 overview of all applications

Efalia support

Efalia is also a team of digitisation experts, working alongside you to support you in defining your needs, establishing your communication forms, training and the perfect integration of our portal solution into your practices.

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Efalia offers a range of training courses on digitisation of communication, administration and use of our electronic portal solution, as well as the integration of Efalia Portal with your business applications. Our training courses take place intra or inter-company, face-to-face or remotely.

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For your projects, we provide you with teams of consultants, specialists in digital documents in many sectors and businesses. We support you during the project management phases, with the digitisation of your documents, the installation of our solutions and the development of connectors.

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Third-party application maintenance

Efalia offers you additional operational functional support, aimed at optimising the use of our digital solution, beyond first-level support. This is the Alliance programme. In addition to solving any problems encountered, it includes monitoring the use of the product and improvement scenarios in how it is operated, in order to optimise their use.

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A trusted, secure cloud for critical services and strategic data. Efalia’s offer includes outsourced hosting and comprehensive operation by Efalia.

Local experts

For over 40 years, Efalia has supported public and private organisations of all sizes and sectors in their search for digitisation solutions for documents and business processes.

We are renowned for our expertise, both in terms of the characteristics of our solutions and our ability to support our customers, to meet their needs as closely as possible. For us, this is a prerequisite for achieving their performance and efficiency targets.




users worldwide


experts at your service


years of experience

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Efalia Suite

efalia ecm 2

Electronic Content Management

Facilitate information sharing and accelerate the digitization of document processes.

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Document Management System

Have a document management platform accessible everywhere and at all times for all your company's employees.

module efalia process recadre

Business Process Management

Automate your business processes simply and easily with a Business Process Management platform.

User relationship management portal

Modernize your customer relationship with a URM/CRM platform.

module efali capture recadre

Information Capture

The solution to scan your documents for everyone, from any device and wherever you are.

module efalia compose recadre

Output Management Software

Reinvent your documents and create quality, value-added documents for better customer communication.

module efalia safe recadre

Digital safe

Your certified digital safe to store and secure your documents in full compliance.

module efalia tracking recadre

Document sharing and tracking

Simplify and accelerate your sales processes. Gain security and stop sending documents as attachments.

module efalia sign recadre

Electronic signature

Simply sign and have your documents signed online, in complete security thanks to the electronic signature.

module efalia portal recadre 3

Exchange portal

Digitalize the relationship with your customers, suppliers and partners.

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