What if responding to a tender becomes simpler ?

Managing tenders requires a large amount of time-consuming actions, but they are essential if you want to provide a quality response on time:

Identify the tenders (sourcing)

Identify and select the participants in the Go/No-Go process

Decide what to do next

Assign tasks for technical writing, business offer, legal validation, administrative documents, …

Consolidate the documents and send the response

Manage the response, the tracking

How many invitations to tender are not submitted on time because the resources to respond were not anticipated? How many calls for tenders are incomplete or unsuccessful because a Go/No-Go process has not been implemented ?

risk management

Late bid

risk management 2

Call to tender missed

time to market

Time-consuming tracking

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Increased performance and simplicity of the proposal management process

Managing the tender bid process electronically using Business Process Management software gives you control over the various key stages involving the bidder.

You involve, from the sourcing stage, the team in charge of Go/No-Go, justifying the choice, to capitalise on subsequent tenders.

If the Go is given, you plan and involve stakeholders according to your internal management rules (depending on the amounts, the type of bid or the geographical sector, etc.). Each stakeholder is notified, and has a dashboard with the different tasks incumbent on them. (Write a technical brief or commercial bid, validate a response, etc.).

You can track the deadlines of the different stages

You can track the actions of each stakeholder

Involve the right people at the right time

You can respond on time thanks to having control over the various milestones

Managing bid statuses

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Capitalise on your knowledge

A bid for a call for tender systematically involves a large number of documents to be produced. Build your centralised knowledge base with a document management solution. You can share the information, make the latest version of the right document available (company presentation for example), and facilitate the search for previous responses using keywords, to capitalise on past experiences.

Filing and organisation of documents

Version management of presentation documents

Keywords to facilitate searches

Completeness of the bid

Why choose Efalia Suite?



Digitise per field: management of calls for tender, management of customer contracts, etc.

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The solution is fully configurable, with no development required, to be in line with your legal and sales practices.

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Activity monitoring

Comprehensive dashboards to enhance and track calls for tender.

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Platform open to the outside, easily integrated with an CRM or business applications.

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risk management 1

Avoid mistakes

The Go/NoGo process limits the risks

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Streamline exchanges

Each participant in the development of the application is directly involved in the process.

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Why digitize the tender application process?

time management

Submit your tender on time

The process is under control with a reminder management system

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shared folder

Capitalize on experience

Documents are filed in the EDM and easily accessible

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