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Optimise quote follow-up
Follow-up and scoring

Improve your sales process and close more deals, faster with quote tracking.

What if you had complete control over your quotes and sales proposals?

Your sales teams send many quotes every day, often by email, and in different formats (pdf, word, powerpoint, …). It is difficult to manage the versions of quotes and the multiple sendings. Once sent, it is impossible to know if the quote has been read, if the recipient is waiting to be called back or if he needs additional information. Maybe a simple call back would be enough to get a signature. Your sales teams also waste time searching and entering data into your CRM. As a result, a lot of time is wasted on non-targeted reminders, actions at the wrong time and a major risk of losing the business opportunity.

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Loss of time and efficiency

risk management

Damaged sales experience

risk management 2

Risks of loss of opportunities

Optimise your sales process with quote follow-up.

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Easily file your quotes and share them in 1 click.

Digitise your quotes, share them from your secure document space and work together.

Save time by storing and organising all your documents in one secure and configurable collaborative space. Your quotes are easy to find and can be shared in a single click.

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Improve and secure communication with your customers

By avoiding multiple attachments and sending multiple emails. You can update your quote without having to resend an email. You can interact with your contact on a single document that is always up to date.
Your recipients are identified: you are sure that your documents arrive in the right hands.

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Prioritise your reminders and optimise your sales follow-up

Be alerted as soon as your quotes are viewed. Easily trigger the right actions at the right time, even remotely. Save time by triggering automatic actions. Thanks to business intelligence, track the scoring and easily prioritise your reminders.

Being the fastest is an advantage for closing a sale, so, speed up the process.

Prioritise your follow-ups thanks to the indications of levels of interest of your customers/prospects presented by the platform.  No more unnecessary and repeated calls, or “blind” reminders.

You have an overview of your projects.

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Sign more sales contracts

Sign multiple documents without additional cost: signatures are free.

Streamline the business process: Allow your prospects or customers to sign in just a few minutes from home. The quote is read and signed remotely from a mobile, tablet or computer.

The signature is secure and certified.

Why choose Efalia Tracking for quote follow-up?

shared folder

Shared space

A configurable and secure storage space

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Business process optimisation

Improved responsiveness through automated notifications and triggers



The number of signatures is limited

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Better transformation rate with actions and reminders at the right time and remote signature

best employee


Improving the customer experience with a seamless, end-to-end process



Global vision of the quotes tracking thanks to the dashboards



Integration into your ecosystem . (CRM, e-mail, marketing automation...).

easy use


Accessibility from your email or CRM: No software to install or configure

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