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Our Efalia Doc solution relies on a robust and open technological base to blend into your information system, meet the needs of business department while respecting market standards. The Efalia Doc solution is of course compatible with all the bricks in the Efalia Suite.

Efalia Doc becomes your single document repository in which all of your organisation’s documents are stored.

Why choose Efalia Doc?

Efalia Doc gives you control over all your organisation’s documents in order to offer a central tool for all your employees to back-up, search, file, etc. the documents and make them accessible at any time.

Efalia support

Efalia is also a team of document management experts, working alongside you to support you in creating your requirements, filing plans, and configuration of authorisations, as well as training and the perfect integration of our DMS software into your practices.


Acquisition and digitisation of the document

Whether the documents are natively digital or digitised using a professional scanner, documents of all types (email, invoice, contract, etc.) are integrated into the DMS. They are then stored temporarily in “trays” in order to circulate the documents automatically to different stakeholders according to the established rules.

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Document filing

Each document integrated in Efalia Doc is indexed, that is to say metadata or keywords are associated with it in order to facilitate searches, filing, etc. The digital filing cabinet system reproduces the principle of paper filing cabinets. Each cabinet is configured with its own filing plan (in-house, external, depending on the nature of the documents, etc.).

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Notification portfolio

This is used to automatically notify users of key events concerning them. These events relate to the creation, editing or deletion of documents. Notifications enable users to be informed immediately that documents they were waiting for have arrived and they can process the documents they were waiting for. This also covers completeness of files. Processing times are significantly improved and errors reduced.

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Searching for documents

Searching is one of the key features of Efalia Doc, including full-text, multi-criteria searches that enables you to perform a quick and simple search over the entire content of each document. Each document must undergo an OCR process (Optical Character Recognition). Therefore, the entire content of the documents can be searched.

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Because a demo is worth a thousand words, contact our digitisation experts for a personalised demonstration of our solutions.

Efalia Suite

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Electronic Content Management

Facilitate information sharing and accelerate the digitization of document processes.

Citizen participation plateform

Have a citizen consultation platform to facilitate the active participation of citizens in public life.

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Business Process Management

Automate your business processes simply and easily with a Business Process Management platform.

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Output Management Software

Reinvent your documents and create quality, value-added documents for better customer communication.

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