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For your sales teams, administrative tasks make their day-to-day work more difficult. They have to sign and get signed many documents, often in multiple copies, to different signatories, according to deadlines.
These signatures often lead to complicated, time-consuming and inefficient processes.
Sales people lose time that they do not invest in their core business. It is difficult to follow the validation and signature of all documents and to control conformity.


Wasting time


Cumbersome process


Operational risks


Damaged customer experience

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Accelerate the signing of your sales contracts

Managing the signature of quotes or contracts can be rather complex for sales teams. Save your time managing the signature process electronically and be more efficient using electronic signature.

+ Simple: Download your documents to be signed, determine any advance payments and identify the signatories.

+ Efficient: You can easily track the signature of your documents and benefit from automated reminders. You can send and sign many contracts and quotes easily without going through the long processes of sending by email and paper.

+ Fast: You can save time. Your customer/prospect is notified. On their mobile or computer they can view and sign the documents at any time, and pay the deposit. Don’t waste any more time on appointments and trips if the signature is just a formality. Use your time to focus on the essential steps in the sales cycle.

+ Tracking: You can easily manage your sales, centralise your contracts and track signatures in real time.

+ Safe and secure: Thanks to the legal value of Efalia’s electronic signature. With electronic signature, your sales teams can experience increased efficiency and simplicity and can focus on their core task: sales.

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Do you send many daily quotes for signature?

Electronic signature is a major business asset for you to become faster and more efficient. You are notified when your customer reads your quote. You can prioritise your reminders thanks using a scoring system, and trigger automatic actions and enjoy unlimited signatures, thanks to Efalia Tracking.

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Improve and secure the validation workflow processes for your sales documents

Certain business documents must be stamped, annotated, validated and signed. Several recipients must work on this.  It is essential to be able to easily track these signatures and ensure their compliance.

Gain peace of mind by inserting your documents into customised and standardised electronic signature tools. Facilitate the validation and signature of documents by recipients who are notified and reminded. Stamp and signature deadlines are shortened. Make searching easier.

The security and compliance of signed documents is essential to ensure the legality of contracts and reduce operational risks. The electronic signature tool is used to govern, standardise and track stamp and signature processes using a workflow system.

Why choose Efalia for your electronic signatures?

An offer adapted to each requirement


Legal electronic signature

Simple or advanced, choose the signature level you need


Integrated with your tools

Our solution is open and integrates into your application ecosystem and your CRM

easy use

Quick and simple

Finalise your contracts faster, offer a simple and intuitive signature solution to your teams and customers


Tailored to your needs

Quotes, business proposals, contract proof, supplier contract, order forms, terms & conditions of sale


Hosted and certified in Europe

French player

green earth


Zero paper

time management

Save time

Free up salespeople from administrative tasks

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To simplify and speed up signatures with your customers, even remotely.

Why digitise business document signatures?

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To ensure the compliance of your signatures and deadlines

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Create links, even remotely

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