Digital accounting as a productivity issue

Accounting document management is one of the most time-consuming activities in your finance department.

Your expertise is more and more extensive and you need to be able to produce accounting documents quickly in the face of numerous daily requests: suppliers, customers, public administrations, etc.

Searching for an invoice in a hurry or any other accounting document quickly becomes time-consuming for your departments. A paper or even digital filing system in a shared directory quickly reaches its limits. Manual tasks quickly lead to delays in the recording of accounting data, in the transmission of information, in the search for and filing of accounting documents.

Difficulty in centralising documents

risk management 2

Problem of securing access to information

value chain

Difficulty in checking completeness of accounting files


Loss of time and efficiency in searching for an attachment

Digital accounting files are therefore the best solution to save you time while improving your performance and the security of your accounting information.

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Increase your productivity significantly

By managing your accounting files electronically using an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, you save time in scanning, filing, and searching for documents.

Each accounting document is either deposited directly from your ERP in the accounting filing plan defined in the DMS (Document Management System), or scanned and filed automatically thanks to smart document recognition. Inputting tasks are automated and free you up for higher value added tasks.

Whether it’s an invoice, a delivery note or an order, you have a complete, centralised, secure supplier file. So, whether it’s a customer or supplier request, or a tax audit, you have the answer immediately and simply.

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Secure the archiving of your documents

Digitising accounting files through an ECM solution guarantees a high level of security that is covered by rights management, the traceability of actions, history of views.

The complementary features of the certified digital safe meanwhile ensure the time stamping of attachments to guarantee their authenticity and integrity, as well as their durability. The digital document is therefore valid as evidence in the event of a dispute or inspection.

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Optimise your accounting processes

Aiming for zero paper is good, but aiming for zero time is even better!

Your accounting activities are partly dictated by regulatory deadlines, but also deadlines from suppliers or customers.

This means fine-tuned management of deadlines, reminders, and therefore optimisation of accounting validation processes: payment orders to settle invoices according to deadlines, triggering of customer invoicing on service rendered, validation of a credit note, etc.

Business Process Management (BPM) software helps to secure your processes, streamline communication to reduce processing times and therefore meet your deadlines.

Why choose Efalia Suite?



Digital per field: customer, supplier, tax administration.



Efalia Suite is fully configurable, with no development required, to comply with your accounting practices.


Information security is at the heart of our solutions and we certify our digital safe every year.


Activity monitoring

Comprehensive dashboards to enhance and monitor your activity.



Platform open to the outside, easily integrated into your accounting system, ERP or business applications.

ico doc

Search with 1 click and make it easy to access information


Secure your documents

Why digitise the accounting file?

folder 2

Standardise filing and manage the completeness of the files

process 1

Optimise your processes to meet deadlines

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