What if you managed your risks to unlock opportunities?

Risk-taking is inherent to any activity that creates value and growth for your company. However, if these risks are not properly managed and controlled, they can very quickly affect the achievement of some of your company’s objectives.

money loss

Declining revenue

bad review

Damaged brand image


Not respecting the environment

Anticipate risks instead of taking them in order to protect your values, assets and reputation.

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Integrate risk management into your QMS

By managing the risk and opportunity management process electronically with BPM software, you can integrate it into your quality system and therefore into all phases of your company’s different processes.

The risk mapping is no longer static

Actions are processed and efficiency measures are carried out

The processing procedure is rigorous

Actions are managed

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Ensure your company is compliant

With the help of a digital platform for managing risks and opportunities, all employees in your company become involved in the process. Collaborative features make it possible to mobilise both business departments and process managers within a centralised platform.

At any time you have a 360° overview of your level of exposure and risk management. This ensures that your organisation is compliant.

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Increased agility and performance

Digitisation of the risk and opportunity management process guides you step by step in the risk assessment and management actions:

Planning and tracking of inspection resources

Handling of corrective and preventive actions

Automatic reminder to stakeholders in the event of a delay

You can save time, eliminate time-consuming tasks and involve users in the quality and risk reduction process.

Why choose Efalia Process?



Beyond just the risks, you can improve the performance of all your processes



The process is fully configurable, with no development required, to be in line with your quality practices



Platform open to your ecosystem, easily integrated into a repository or business applications

centralized 1

One-stop shop

A single gateway for the employee. All data and quality processes are easily accessible.

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