What if incident handling was a priority issue for you?

Managing and tracking incident reports is a critical but time-consuming activity for both the IT department and the general services. Reporting a problem by email is not the most efficient way. The incident report comes in a generic email box, the content of the report is not structured, no specific information about the customer or the user is available. The user or customer has no tracking and will therefore tend to contact you by phone or create a new report to make sure that it will be processed. Tracking incidents created by email becomes impossible, as well as measuring SLAs (Service Level Agreements).


Loss of time and efficiency


Multiple communication channels: lost information


Damaged user experience

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Modernise your in-house support and improve your customer relationship

The declaration, tracking and processing of a ticket can be managed easily and simply using a digital process, whether for in-house use between your users and the support department or for use between your customers and the department in charge of handling the incident.

Handling an incident more quickly and simply means reducing the impact on your business, improving your performance and bringing improved user satisfaction.

Digitise the entire incident handling process with BPM software managing the entire incident process, from its declaration to its resolution.

Online declaration, mobility



Processing procedure

Management of actions

User/customer information

With the digitisation of incidents, you save time, no incident escapes you, the user is informed for better satisfaction.

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Put your employees on the road to success

With the help of a digital incident handling platform, all employees in your company potentially become involved in the process. Depending on the type and nature of the incident, an ad hoc handling procedure for the IT, HR or any other department is carried out to guarantee response times, the provision of the right information to the right department, to ensure the traceability of the incident, the information to the issuer, until the incident has been resolved.

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Improve your performance and lower costs

Digitisation of incidents saves your employees time with a simple solution that enables you to work effectively with both in-house and external departments. Help them respond faster to each problem.

The era of unsolicited requests is over. Tickets are logged and follow a processing procedure

The user tracks the status of their ticket, without having to contact the support department

Tickets are automatically assigned to the relevant team for the issue to be processed according to your management rules

You can ensure real-time incident management, in accordance with your SLAs

Why choose Efalia Process?



Digitise per process: complaints management and incident management

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The portal is easily configurable, in line with your customer service practices

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Platform open to your ecosystem, easily integrated into an ERP, a CRM or business applications

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easy use

One-stop shop

A single gateway for the employee, all data and processes easily accessible.

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