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Document management

An EDM or Electronic Document Management is nowadays an essential solution in the Information System of a public or private organisation.

This will enable you to file, annotate, circulate, collaborate, make searches, etc., on all documents in your organisation

Problems encountered without a Document Management System


Professionals feel they waste time looking for information*.


The average daily time spent searching for a document/information without a single EDM-type repository


of respondents want a single point of access for organisational data and documents**.


Professionals surveyed believe that using an EDM would allow them to be more efficient in their work*.

* 2021 Archimag
** 2022 Archimag/SERDA

What is document management or a Document Management System?

In order to improve the efficiency of your organisation, to reduce the time-consuming tasks of your employees and to allow them to concentrate on value-added tasks, information and documents must be available immediately, everywhere and all the time.

An EDM is a solution that, very often on the market, is open and integrates into your ecosystem. A document management system alone will make you more efficient, interfacing it with your business tools and fully integrating it into your IS will allow you to have a global and efficient vision of all your company documents.

An EDM solution allows you to manage all of your company’s information by harmonising their classification, securing their access and facilitating their search.

Thus, an EDM solution ensures optimal management of your information for better collaboration between your teams, regardless of the business problem encountered: HR, finance, purchasing, quality, sales, legal, etc.


Efficiency and organisation


Governance and security


Customer satisfaction

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Compliance and Quality

A document management system: for what needs? To do what?

A DMS is a multi-feature solution, which addresses the key issues of organisations, all the more when people are on the move and working remotely, where collaboration is key.

centralized 1


the organisation's documents regardless of the acquisition channel

value chain


and automate document processes



search and store corporate information


the security and compliance of corporate documents

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Centralising the organisation's documents

Do you regularly experience missing information, lost documents, or on the other hand, documents replicated in different applications? Different versions? A mixture of both paper and digital documents? etc. Time wasting and frustration can become a common problem for your employees.

With a document management system, you can centralise all the documents and information in your organisation, regardless of their origin: paper, digital, business application, etc. The system then becomes the cornerstone of your IS, with many benefits:

Speed of access to information,

A single point of easy access to information,

Staff independence

Organisation efficiency

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Structure and automate document processes

To make the most of a document management system, it has to be integrated into your ecosystem and document processes have to be replicated in the tool (by digitising information, documents and also workflows for the transmission, processing and validation of documents).

These documents can come from various sources: business applications, paper letters, emails, digital documents, etc.

In a mobility context, processes are therefore not slowed down, they follow their courses digitally or are accelerated thanks to notifications and tracking dashboards.

With the digitisation of document processes in the DMS solution, document integration is automated, as are workflows and certain tasks (revision, versioning, validation, archiving, etc.).

Optimisation of information flows 

Optimisation of collaboration with information in one place 

Increased productivity

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File, search and store corporate information

Gathering information is good, making it accessible to the right people and at the right time is even better. Whether in-house or with customers, information that does not reach its target is useless. You therefore have to ensure that this information is circulated correctly.

A document management system is central to an organisation and enables you to file, search, index and store all your documents. Indexing on all documents makes it possible to define metadata (keywords) useful for filing, searching and then storage. This storage can be done in the DMS and can be complemented by archiving in a certified digital safe.

Facilitated information sharing (in-house and external)

Filing compliance

Compliance with deadlines

Increased satisfaction in finding information at a given time

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Ensure the security and compliance of corporate documents

Corporate data is the cornerstone of an organisation. Loss of data (improper handling, impromptu disclosure or cyber-attack) or a problem of access to data may paralyse a company or even endanger the company in question.

Optimising corporate data is essential to ensure the proper operation of the entity.

A DMS solution is equipped with processes to ensure the security and integrity of corporate information at all times. Fine management of authorisations, versioning, traceability, encryption or automatic backups ensure the sustainability of your company in all circumstances.

Guaranteed traceability

Time-stamping of documents and versioning

Regulatory compliance

Compliance with information confidentiality

What are the benefits of a document management system?

A DMS is a performance booster: its return on investment manifests itself at multiple levels.

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Boost productivity and secure information

Thanks to efficient document management, you can save time on searching, filing and handling, etc. on all document flows thanks to process automation, indexing and document filing. You get a 360° overview, so your teams can focus on value-added tasks.

The information is secured thanks to access controls, an activity log records accesses, backups are carried out regularly whether you choose on-premise hosting or Saas.

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Structure information in a single repository and standardise filing

Each document is present in a single repository, in a single copy meaning no duplicate, with the possibility of searching for it according to different criteria (metadata).

The naming and filing of the documents are configured to then facilitate the use of the available and up-to-date files.

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Optimising internal communication and internal/external satisfaction

Working habits have changed, with an acceleration since the health crisis, particularly with regard to the digital transition and the need to access company resources on the move or from home. Thanks to a document management platform, internal communication is facilitated, resources are accessible to all employees and collaboration is encouraged.

As a result, there is an improvement in the satisfaction of internal teams whose requests are processed more quickly, for better customer follow-up and deadlines respected…

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Easy compliance and environmental commitment

With document management, you can meet your document compliance requirements and obligations: traceability and time stamping, retention periods, processing times, data security and confidentiality.

The commitment of companies to reduce their carbon emissions is driving them to turn to digital solutions. The most striking element is the drastic reduction in the use of paper in favour of digital document and archiving processes.

The essential functional building blocks of document management

An electronic document management solution is made up of functional modules that complement each other to ensure optimal monitoring of the organisation's document flows.

You start your project with an essential functional base and then optional modules can be added either at the beginning or at a later stage.


Capture and OCR

Indexing and ranking


Search and consultation


Editing and versioning


Workflow creation and distribution


Traceability and safety

folder 2

Central storage and archiving


Integration with the Information System, opening up to business applications

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The main expectations with the implementation of an EDM solution


Increasing efficiency (fluidity and optimisation of communication and processes, collaboration)


Make information available, at the right time


Better traceability and information security

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