Why not transform this cost item into a profit centre?

Managing and tracking paper or manual invoices is a time-consuming and risky activity for your company.

Incorrect or misfiled invoices, distorted validation processes, invoices not paid on time, invoices paid without BAP, etc.

From a certain volume, the hazards of managing incoming invoices can be a source of errors, loss of time and money for your company, not to mention the legal and tax risks. Nevertheless, an invoice is essential to any transaction, but it is expensive to process and adds to the administrative burden. Manual invoice management is a time-consuming, costly and non-value added process.


Time-consuming activity

3 weeks of processing on average per invoice

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High processing cost

€14 on average per invoice

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Damaged supplier relationship

1 out of 2 calls at the accounting level concerns supplier reminders

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Digitising invoices is therefore the best solution to save you time while improving your performance and the security of your accounting information.

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Digitise the processing of invoices and automate and speed up their processing

By digitising invoice entry using automatic data recognition technologies, you can free up valuable time for your employees. Payable invoice data is saved directly to your accounting system.

This eliminates repetitive, time-consuming and non-value-added tasks for your teams.

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Secure and standardise invoice management

By switching to electronic invoicing, you can automate the invoice validation process and the associated payment order while managing its life cycle from A to Z. You can provide reliable information about the status of each invoice and thus reduce supplier reminders.

You can optimise your cash flow with just-in-time payment.

You can improve your supplier relationship with timely payments.

Each invoice is validated before payment through a payment order process

Disputes are tracked for faster processing

Numerous dashboards allow you to manage your performance:

Number of invoices processed/validated in the month

Number of invoices in progress

Number of disputes per supplier

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Comply with a reliable audit trail (PAF)

By digitising invoices using a document management system, you can store, centralise and secure a reliable copy of each document. You also have all the other accounting documents such as the delivery slip, the order and the contract, to immediately consolidate a reliable audit trail. Searching for an electronic invoice is instantaneous and you will find all the associated documents used to validate and pay the invoice.

A single, centralised repository

Secure and reliable data

Simplified search

Accessible from the office or remotely

Why choose Efalia Suite?



Digitise per process: invoice, payment order, purchase, contract, etc.

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One-stop shop

A single gateway for the employee, all data and all financial processes easily accessible.

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Regulatory compliance

Protected, tracked and accessible data with a reliable audit trail available in case of inspection.

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Activity monitoring

Comprehensive dashboards to enhance and track invoices

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Platform open to the outside, easily integrated into your accounting system, the public invoicing portal (PPF) or partner digital platforms (PDP)

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time management

You can save time

5 days to process an invoice

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money loss

You can save money

€4 to process an invoice

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Why digitise the invoicing process?


Increased peace of mind

100% of the process is secure

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You are ready for the next deadlines

Mandatory electronic invoicing

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