Smart content suite on a human scale
> Modular content management software suite

Streamlined and intuitive user-centric digital solutions that
simplify access to information, share knowledge and facilitate collaborative processes.

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ECM - Content Management

group users

URM - Relationship Management Software

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BPM - Business Process Management


CCM - Customer Communication Management


DMS - Document Management System

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Electronic safe

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Document tracking & Sales support software


Electronic signature software

The Efalia Suite

Efalia Suite is a comprehensive digital platform that simplifies access to information, knowledge sharing and facilitates collaborative processes within organisations.

Efalia is on hand for every one of your requirements

Regardless of your position, industry or size of your organisation

Financial and Legal
Human Resources
General services and user relationship

Digital transformation
for finance and legal

Gain in performance, security and efficiency by opting for dematerialised accounting, dematerialised purchasing processes and invoice management.

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Digital transformation
for quality

Increased simplicity and performance with an up-to-date, accessible and secure quality documentation system for your internal teams and your customers.

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Digital transformation
for business

Increased performance and simplicity of the customer journey with digital business processes and create links, even remotely. That way, your teams will be able to focus on value-added tasks, and you’ll provide your customers and future customers with a fast, efficient, secure experience.

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Digital transformation
for general services and administration

Improve the relationship with your users and gain efficiency with a URM/CRM platform.

Streamline exchanges with an electronic signature tool and electronic mailing management.

Facilitate file transfers between administrations with a secure exchange platform.

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Discover our services

Efalia is also a team of experts in digital processes, working alongside you to support you in defining your requirements, implementing, integrating and maintaining your solutions.

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Tailored as closely as possible to your requirements and your operations, our training courses are aimed at all your employees who need to interact with Efalia solutions on a daily basis. Our training takes place intra or inter-company, face-to-face or remotely.

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Third-party application maintenance

Efalia offers you additional operational functional support, aimed at optimising the use of our digital solution, beyond first-level support. This is the Alliance programme. In addition to solving any problems encountered, it includes monitoring the use of the product and improvement scenarios in how it is operated, in order to optimise their use.

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For your projects, we provide you with teams of consultants, specialists in digital documents and processes in many sectors and businesses. We support you during the project management phases, with the digitisation of your documents, the installation of our solutions and the development of connectors.

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A trusted, secure cloud for critical services and strategic data. Efalia’s offer includes outsourced hosting and comprehensive operation by Efalia.

Request a demo

Because a demo is worth a thousand words, contact our experts for a personalised demonstration of our solution.

Your sector

Whether you are an SME, a mid-sized company or conglomerate, whatever your sector, Efalia Suite meets the cross-functional or specific expectations of employees, in SaaS or on-premise mode.

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Improve customer satisfaction, reduce risk, standardise processes, and ensure business compliance by digitising your processes and documents. Launch your digital transformation, ensuring compliance requirements are met, securing your processes and improving customer satisfaction.

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Improve your performance, secure access and sharing of information by enhancing your production tools with the digitisation of your processes and documents.

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Public sector

The 2022 Public Action Transformation Programme aims to accelerate the modernisation of public administration with a strong focus on digital administrative processes.

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Transport & Logistics

Optimise your administrative processes and facilitate the sharing of information between your different departments.

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Improve your service delivery by putting agile processes that simplify business activities at the heart of your infrastructure, for greater customer satisfaction!