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Documentation is one of the pillars of your quality management system (QMS). But are you sure that your procedures are up to date? Are you sure that the latest applicable version of the documents is systematically used? Do you have an organized and up-to-date document repository that is easy to access but secure, given the ever-increasing number of documents?

Shared directories and office tools quickly find their limits and are a risk factor for your company.


Difficulty in finding a procedure

Poorly filed, duplicate, unauthorized documents


Difficult version management

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Increased simplicity and performance with a document management system

The 2015 version of ISO 9001 requires that the documented information be available, accessible, usable, distributed, stored, protected and legible. But whether your company is certified or not, your quality management system deserves the best. As a quality manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that the various employees in your organisation are informed of the existence of the documentation related to their processes.

With the help of a Document Management System (DMS), all the quality documentation (procedures, operating procedures, standards, etc.) is available in one click and enables up-to-date documentation to be presented in its “correct” version (versioning) in the event of an audit or inspection.

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Capitalise on and share knowledge

The systematic updating of quality documentation also enables you to capitalise on your knowledge and communicate it to employees. So, whether it’s new hires in your company or current employees in charge of maintaining a service in the event of absence, the information is readily available and up-to-date. Everyone can refer to documentation in an up-to-date repository, effectively guiding them in the performance of their tasks (procedures, operating instruction) and also reducing the risk of error and therefore non-compliance.

Why choose Efalia Doc?



Digitisation of quality documentation, and possibility of extending this to other areas (finance, HR, etc.) and enriching it with other functions (workflow, signature, etc.)



You can configure the quality filing plan according to your rules and specifications.



Each document is secure, traced and versioned. You manage authorisations.



Platform open to the outside, easily integrated with an ERP or business applications.

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Control the document management of your QMS

shared folder

Facilitate access to information through controlled dissemination

Why digitize your quality system?

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Share the knowledge

green earth

Reduce paper consumption

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