What if you modernise the life cycle of an employment contract?

The employment contract is, by nature, the cornerstone of the relationship between the employee and you, the employer. It sets out the obligations for both parties and once signed, it can no longer be amended without a bilateral agreement.  The consequences can therefore be disastrous for your company, if a contract is poorly drafted.


Risks in terms of labour laws

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Operational risks


Damaged employee experience

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Increased security with interactive drafting

Particular importance should be paid to the drafting of the employment contract and to securing the entire process of drafting, validating and signing the contract. Drafting a contract from a Word template is a potential source of error. For example, if you have omitted some of the mandatory information in a fixed-term contract, it could be reclassified as a full-time permanent contract. Or, depending on the position and the collective bargaining agreement, are all the mandatory clauses present? Lastly, are there no contradictory optional clauses?

By interactively drafting the employment contract from a library of clauses, you can reduce the risk of error.

Efalia Suite offers a secure solution for digital employment contracts via an input interface through an electronic form that assists the author when drafting the contract:

Details of the employee

Type of contract (permanent contract, fixed-term contract, part-time contract, etc.),

Type of position.

A proposal for optional clauses while eliminating contradictions,

Automatic drafting of the employment contract in PDF format.

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Increased performance, by making exchanges smoother

Depending on the nature of the contract or your organisation, an employment contract may follow different validation steps before the signing phase. By managing the entire contract validation process electronically, you save time, involve only the right people and manage the process to comply with deadlines.

Thus, each digital employment contract follows a validation cycle so that all stakeholders (manager, HR Department, etc.) can comment on and validate the contract. The workflow processes may, of course, be different depending on the type of position, the level of salary or the type of contract.

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Modernise your image, with electronic signatures

The employment contract is validated, so opt for electronic signature to modernise and simplify the signature process. In fact, a digital employment contract may be drawn up and stored in accordance with Article 1174 of the French Civil Code. The signing of this contract may, in this context, be carried out by means of a digital signature process in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation.

The contract is signed immediately

The contract can be signed remotely

Zero paper, new recruits will be sensitive about this

The contract is filed, automatically archived in the employee file

Why choose Efalia Suite?



Digitise per process: drafting, validation, signature, archiving and enhancement to other processes.



The process is fully configurable, with no development required, to be in line with your HR practices.


The employment contract is secure, from its creation to its legal archiving, including the validation and electronic signature stages


Activity monitoring

Comprehensive dashboards to enhance and monitor HR activity.



Platform open to the outside, easily integrated with an HRIS or business applications.

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Accelerate the hiring process

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Streamline communication

Why digitise the employment contract?

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Reduce risks in terms of labour laws

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Optimise the employee experience

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