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a mutually profitable partnership with a reliable software publisher at the cutting edge of technology?

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You have a solid customer base and robust technological and business skills and you are looking for levers for growth. Your added value lies in your ability to provide custom solutions and respond to complex problems.

We can offer solutions that are the perfect complement to those you have deployed for your customers, which will provide high-added-value services and integrate into their ecosystems.


Experts in supporting companies’ digital transformations and implementing electronic processes and/or documents, you are always on the look-out for solutions for your customers.

Thanks to the variety of our solutions and the richness of their functional coverage, Efalia can offer solutions suited to the diversity of your customers’ contexts.

Meanwhile, we are often asked to provide support to project owners at an early stage of their project, and we have neither the time nor the skills to respond. We can recommend your high-added-value services. We thus have a mutual interest in getting to know each other better.


You know all about the world of documents and have a local network of customers who trust you. You want to offer solutions that give them an alternative to paper. You have already built up a team focused on digital subjects and you are looking for simple-to-implement solutions compatible with the hardware in place (MFPs, scanners).

You would like to boost your skills in these areas or just accelerate your support for your customers in the field of electronic content management.

We can help you by offering ready-to-use solutions that respond to all the issues your customers face (processing invoices, correspondence etc.).


You create business software, ERP or CRM solutions or HR information systems and you produce or manage large volumes of documents for your customers.

Whatever the context, Efalia can almost certainly offer software components that will improve your user experience.

Whether for process management or document production, handling, archiving or distribution, you will be able to find solutions suited to your situation, operating in web mode with APIs, rich documentation and concrete examples of connectors or successful integration.

If you think it’s wise to concentrate on your strengths, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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