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We work with the best experts, developers, integrators and resellers to support companies and organizations in their dematerialization projects and improve their performance and productivity.

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Our network of qualified partners supports you in your digitisation projects, they are by your side throughout the world.

We work with expert partners rigorously selected in France and worldwide. Our partners meet a high level of performance, service, quality, trust, proximity and expertise.

If you have a project and need assistance with integration and training, you can count on our partners’ expertise.

To find an Efalia certified partner, contact us and we will connect you with partners who can fit your needs.

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Do you want to boost your customers' digitalization by using a rich, modular software suite?

Let’s combine our expertise and ensure customer success. Take on new challenges and expand your business and organisation by becoming an Efalia partner.

Customer success is at the core of our business and support is key.

 We select the best experts to support customers and their projects. By becoming a Certified Partner, you enter the TRUST universe.

  • Integrator

    You have a solid customer base, good technological skills, but above all business skills and you are looking for new growth opportunities. Your added value lies in your ability to tailor solutions to complex problems.

    We offer you solutions that are perfectly complementary to those you have deployed with your customers, that will provide them with high value-added services and that will easily integrate into their ecosystem.

  • Consulting firm

    As an expert in supporting the digital transformation of companies or in the dematerialization of processes and/or documents, you regularly seek solutions for your clients.

    The variety of our solutions and the richness of their functional coverage will allow you to find solutions at Efalia that are adapted to the diversity of your clients’ contexts.

    We are also often asked to provide consulting services, and we would like to respond through our partners. We can also be prescribers of your high value-added services. We therefore have mutual interests to know each other better.

  • Software experts

    You know the document world well, you have a local network of customers who trust you and you are looking to offer them alternative solutions to printing. You have already built a team around digital issues and you are looking for solutions that are easy to implement and compatible with existing equipment (MFPs, scanners).

    You would like to increase your skills in these areas or simply accelerate your support to your customers in the field of dematerialization.

    We support you and offer you turnkey solutions, which will respond to the problems identified by your customers (invoice processing, mail, etc.).

  • Editors

    If you create business software, ERP, CRM, or HR information systems, then you have to produce or manage large volumes of documents for your customers.

    We offer a complete suite of software to improve the user experience. Whether it’s process management, document production, processing, archiving or distribution, tracking or signing, you’ll find solutions that are adapted to your context, that work in Web mode, with APIs. You will also benefit from rich documentation and concrete examples of successful connectors or integrations.

    If you want to focus on your expertise and talent and improve your user experience, contact us.

The Efalia TRUST Partner programme

Why choose the TRUST programme?

By joining our TRUST programme, many benefits are open to you: personalised support, adapted solutions, training, communication.



You benefit from additional added value by distributing a new solution that is relevant to your business, and by having a comprehensive offer for your customers.



You can count on the expertise of the teams and Efalia’s more than 40 years of experience. Let's combine our expertise.



You are in control of the entire process: demonstration, sale of the software (licences and services), installation, training, etc.

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You can increase your margins, the number of your projects and you can benefit from Efalia's brand image.

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