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Your challenges

Public Action Transformation Programme aims to accelerate the modernisation of public administration with a strong focus on digital administrative processes.

This translates into:

For users, by improving the quality of public services, simplifying and digitising administrative procedures.

For public officials, by means of a high-performance digital environment enabling them to become fully involved in value-added tasks.

Modernising work tools

96% of agents

Streamline processes

91% of agents

Develop teleworking

76% of agents

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Our promise

Efalia enables every public administration employee to improve and simplify the processing and tracking of files, for better user service, while promoting compliance and collaboration.

The digitisation of documents, letters, administrative processes and the different procedures for users makes it possible to simplify and streamline the daily work of each agent and to respond more effectively to users’ requests. No-Code or Low-Code tools free up the IT Department to deliver automated business processes more quickly and easily.

Streamline end-to-end processes

Faster response to agents' business needs

Reduce the time needed to process files

Facilitate the search for and access to information

Simplify archiving processes

Facilitate collaboration between departments or between public administrations

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The right information, the right level of quality, at the right time

Agents can focus on value-added tasks


Enhanced user experience

The user is responsible for their own procedure, without over-relying on departments



Your organisation is agile for better public performance

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Because a demo is worth a thousand words, contact our electronic signature experts for a personalised demonstration of our solutions.

Use cases

Efalia is as close as possible to the needs of the public sector. Many public institutions use Efalia solutions on a daily basis, both for their document management, the management of their business processes and for online procedures (remote services).

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User portal

Digitise the users’ procedures and streamline their processing.

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Inter-administration exchange platform

Exchanges of files between civil service offices, between disability service offices.

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Business document management

For disability offices: integrated into your business solutions: SOLIS, Genesis, IODAS, etc.

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Mail tracking

Digitise incoming and outgoing mail and facilitate its circulation.

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Electronic signature tool

Simplify document validation and signature processes.

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Interdepartmental document management

Digitise your administrative documents to simplify and secure access to information.

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