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Digital safe
and document archiving

The purpose of archiving business documents is to preserve and maintain the organisation's documents and data. It must also ensure their probative value.

What is digital document archiving?

Formerly associated exclusively with paper, today digital document archiving consists, in addition to retention, of preserving the longevity and integrity of a document to certify its value.

There are three types of electronic archiving:

  • The EDM or electronic document management, which allows the indexing, classification, search and storage of the organisation’s so-called “living” documents.
  • The SAE or Electronic Archiving System, which is designed to preserve documents over time and to prove their authenticity, if necessary, in court as evidence.
  • The digital safe, which, as its name suggests, is a digital safe dedicated to the secure storage of the organisation’s documents in order to preserve their integrity and store them over the long term (digital archiving with evidential value).

A certified electronic archiving solution, in addition to an EDM (link to EDM expertise page) or an ECM (link to ECM expertise page), will enable you to ensure the continuity and integrity of your data, in accordance with the standards in force.

To meet the requirements in terms of compliance of archived documents, it is necessary for an organisation to equip itself with an electronic archiving tool with probative value, whatever the nature of the documents concerned.

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Compliance and Quality

A digital archiving solution: for what needs?/To do what?

Digital archiving software or a digital safe is a digital solution that addresses the issues of compliance, integrity, authenticity and longevity of documents.



Digital documents are valid as original documents



The document is available and can be viewed over a potentially long period of time



The document cannot be edited

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Certify the authenticity of documents

The documents to be archived in the digital safe must meet several criteria before archiving (a certain level of digitisation quality, having a record of digitisation operations, etc.). Everything starts when scanning or digitising documents so that the digital document (natively digital or via paper scanning) has the same value as an original document. These criteria will make it possible to certify the evidential value of documents, such as, for example, for PAF purposes (Reliable Audit Trail) the authenticity of an invoice.

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Ensure the longevity of documents

The document is available and can be viewed over a long period of time. To ensure the longevity of documents, it is preferable to use an DMS (Document Management System) solution upstream of a digital safe, as you can manage the life cycle of a document (retention periods for everyday or administrative purposes and final disposition), to meet GDPR requirements, to use stable document formats such as PDF/A.

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Guarantee the integrity of documents

The integrity of a document lies in the assurance that a document cannot be edited. To do this, use a digital safe certified CCFN (digital safe component) with the NF203CCFN standard. This will enable documents to be integrated into a file system, meaning you can search them but not edit them.

As part of the reliable audit trail, the digital safe enables logging of operations and sealing of logs.

Calculating the integrity of documents must be carried out regularly via the document time stamps.

Documents signed electronically, documents from “reliable copy” digitisation, documents tracked and time-stamped in a DMS, encrypted files, health data (in this case it is also necessary to provide specific HDS (health data) hosting)…can be archived in a digital safe.

All these documents are provided with metadata (keywords) that can be used to analyse the document,

What are the benefits of digital archiving software?

Archive your documents over the long term, access them at any time in order to meet your legal obligations and have all the evidence on hand.




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Secure information

You can process confidential information, which must meet the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) within your organisation. The use of a digital safe for document archiving will enable you to store your data 100% securely Time-stamping, digital fingerprinting of documents and log sealing ensure the security and quality of the data stored in the safe.

There are several levels of authorisation for users to ensure that certain operations cannot be accessed by all.

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Structure information in an archiving system – save time

Thanks to document metadata management, filing and searches can be done in a few clicks depending on the authorisations. In comparison, searching for an archived paper document can take several days.

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Benefit from documents with evidential value

To meet your legal obligations, the evidential value or integrity of the documents is necessary, this integrity is guaranteed by the digital safe. The documents stored are time-stamped, cannot be edited and can serve as evidence in the event of a dispute.

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Environmental commitment and physical storage savings

Today, the legislation makes it possible to replace paper archives with digital archives. You can save on archiving, storage and management costs (destruction, searching, filing) with digital safe.

The essential functional components of the digital safe

A digital archiving solution is made up of functional modules that complement each other to ensure optimal monitoring of the organisation's document flows.

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Deposit, read, destroy

data (end-of-life management)



events on digital objects: activity logging

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Collect and read

Metadata: Generating the digital footprint of documents



and save documents

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permissions with access levels.



the integrity of documents

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