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General overview of the service

Efalia’s offer includes outsourced hosting and comprehensive operation provided by Efalia. We rely in particular on the infrastructure of the host OVH, in France (Roubaix), with “SecNumCloud” qualification.

La qualification SecNumCloud apporte l’assurance de choisir des solutions dont le niveau de sécurité et de confiance ont étés vérifiés par l’ANSSI. C’est la garantie de recourir à des solutions recommandées par l’État français, adaptées pour les administrations et les entreprises des secteurs les plus sensibles.

Expert OVH Cloud

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SecNumCloud qualification provides the assurance of hosting whose level of security and trust has been verified by the ANSSI. It is a guarantee that we will use solutions recommended by the French government, adapted for administrations and companies in the most sensitive sectors.

In this context, Efalia relies in particular on OVH’s Hosted Private Cloud powered by VMware qualified as SecNumCloud. This service is offered as part of the Trusted Zone packages, where Efalia’s customers’ data is hosted in dedicated data centres and is immune to non-European regulations.

In particular, our SecNumCloud qualified hosting infrastructure meets all the criteria of the “Trusted Cloud” label for national government cloud service providers.