What if you went from paperless to deadline-free?

The contractualisation phase materialises the negotiations you have conducted with your prospect or client.

This is a key step in the sales cycle, but it can quickly become complex, time-consuming and costly if the process is not dematerialised from start to finish. Creating a contract by copying and pasting is potentially error-prone, validation by email is time-consuming and does not secure the approval process, signing without probative value is risky in case of conflict.

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Legal risks

risk management

Degraded customer experience


Longer sales cycle

Digitalising the contracting process is not only a challenge in terms of simplification but also in terms of customer relationship management.

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Gain security by automating the drafting of contracts

The drafting of a contract can quickly become a source of error if it is created manually, potentially leading to legal risks or unnecessary back and forth to correct the contract. Automating the drafting of contracts with an interactive composition solution makes it possible to secure the creation of the contract thanks to a library of predefined clauses integrated into the contract according to the options checked. This decentralises the drafting of contracts and frees up the legal department for value-added tasks.

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Speed up the sale, with electronic signing of contracts

It is no longer necessary to send the contract by email, print it, sign it and then send it again by email. The electronic signature of the contract, integrated into the contractualisation process, makes it possible to sign securely, quickly and simply.

The contract is signed immediately

The contract can be signed at a distance

Paperless, your customers will appreciate it

The contract is filed, automatically archived in the customer file

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Search your contracts in 1 click

Once signed, contracts are automatically filed in a customer file, so that data can be easily shared with the legal department, the sales department or the support team if necessary.

A contract can be searched simply by using keywords (client name, date, subject, etc.) or directly from a full-text search of the entire content.

The documents used to draw up the contract are also available in the customer file: quotes, orders, etc.

You have a secure space that can be shared and easily accessed from anywhere thanks to the document management system, Efalia Doc.

Why choose Efalia suite?



Dematerialisation by unitary process: contract drafting, validation, signature, archiving and enrichment to other processes.



The process is fully customisable, without development, to conform to your legal and business practices.


The commercial contract is secure, from its creation to its legal archiving, via the validation and electronic signature stages


Activity management

Comprehensive dashboards to value and monitor contract activity.



Platform open to the outside world, easily integrated with a CRM or business applications.

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Speed up the signing process

data share

Streamline exchanges

Why digitise the customer contracting process?

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Reduce legal risks

easy use

Optimise the customer experience

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