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Building a sustainable future

Our company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitment is based on deeply held values and the ambition to make a positive contribution to society and the environment.

Sustainable development at the heart of what we do: Sustainable development has been central to our values for several years, as we seek to reconcile economic growth with respect for the environment and social responsibility.

Action and investment: For us, CSR means contributing actively to the priorities of sustainable development and society, either through our own concrete actions or with partners involved in these areas.

Respecting CSR standards: We are committed to respecting CSR standards (EcoVadis, non-financial reporting etc.), demonstrating our concern to be transparent and ethical in our business practices.

Transparent communication: We believe in transparent communication with our stakeholders, sharing our CSR initiatives, our progress, our challenges and the results of our actions. Every year we publish a non-financial report, our carbon footprint and our progress.

Staff commitment: Our CSR commitment also plays a role in the daily lives of our employees by creating an ethical working environment and enabling the sharing of common values.

Our CSR commitment bears witness to our responsibility as a social and economic player determined to create a lasting positive impact.

Eco Vadis

“Our company invests actively in CSR to build a sustainable future that respects the planet and future generations.”

Our environmental commitments

Our social and societal responsibility

Committed staff

Non-financial reporting

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Moving towards carbon neutrality by 2035

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We are engaged in a strategy to lower our company’s carbon emissions. We have set an ambitious target of moving towards carbon neutrality by 2035. To achieve this, we have calculated our carbon footprint every year since 2019 and defined a strategy with actions to lower the figure by 8% a year.
We received training in calculating our carbon footprint from the experts at WeCount in 2019.

We cut our carbon emissions by 23% in two years (2020–2022)

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Fanny, CSR manager, goes behind the scenes to share the latest news about our environmental commitment

How are Efalia employees included in the CSR commitments?
What are the challenges?
What projects are in progress, and what are the latest successes?

Our initiatives, our concrete actions

To succeed in cutting our CO2 emissions, we take action every day with initiatives involving the different areas of our company. Our annual carbon footprints enable us to put in place strategic actions that have a real impact.

– Research and development
– Travel between home and work
– Responsible procurement
– Energy
– Business travel
– Catering etc.

Promoting sustainable mobility
Responsible procurement

Sustainable mobility payment allocated to staff to promote active transport

Annual Betterway subscription for buying, equipping or repairing a bicycle of other means of active transport.

City center relocation

Travel and transportation policies

Greening the fleet

Raising awareness among our employees, suppliers and partners. (Signatories of the Charte RFAR charter on supplier relations and responsible procurement) Encouraging our suppliers and partners to implement an approach adapted to their business sector in order to restrict the environmental impacts of their activities, products and services.
This commitment is based on the principle of continuous improvement, which is the guiding principle of our environmental policy.

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Reducing our customers' carbon impact

Our 2020 study of homes for people with disabilities using our Efalia Transfer and MultiGest solutions shows an average reduction in carbon emissions of 52% compared with manual processing on paper.

Digitalization means we can eliminate meters of unnecessary shelving, superfluous storage space and redundant travel.

Having a positive impact on society

Our company’s commitment comes from our deeply-held desire to make a positive contribution to society. Here are the primary themes of our commitment:

High-impact support and sponsorship

High-impact sponsorship: Education

We actively support social projects through targeted sponsorships, contributing to significant initiatives that generate change. We support “Choisis ta planète”, which teaches school pupils about environmental problems. Via a NooS challenge successfully won by Efalia staff, we have also donated to the association Règles Élémentaires offering period protection for all.

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High-impact sponsorship: Favoring inclusion via sports

We support the HandiSport association, which gives people with disabilities the opportunity to practice sports.

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Support for Règles Élémentaires

Via a NooS challenge successfully won by Efalia staff, we have also donated to the association Règles Élémentaires offering period protection for all.

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Encouraging inclusion

Signatories of the Charte des Mille

We have officially signed the Charte des 1000, a charter of a thousand companies supporting integration into the workplace, demonstrating our commitment to equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion in the professional world

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Partnership with Digital League for school work experience:

We have forged a partnership with Digital League to offer work experience to young people in order to foster social inclusion and create opportunities for emerging talents.

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Informing, influencing – committed teams

At Efalia, our commitment to CSR is shared by all our employees, who can count on a Green Team, a multi-disciplinary team of around ten committed employees: The management team, volunteers, a Chief Impact Officer and a CSR officer.

Together, we are building an environment where every employee, through his or her daily commitment, contributes to making Efalia a major player in the change towards a more responsible and sustainable company.

Our non-financial reporting

What is non-financial reporting?

A non-financial performance statement (or NFPS) is a document in which a company sets out the social, environmental and societal implications of its performance and activities, together with its mode of governance.

In some cases, a NFPS is mandatory. We have decided to anticipate this obligation and publish our NFPS. It will be updated every year and made available on our website.

The NFPS explains the company’s CSR approach and publishes its priorities and risks, the stakeholders involved, the action plan and the results every year.

We have based our targets on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015. We have selected five SDGs on which we wish to work through our priorities.

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The five chosen SDGs:

4 – Quality education: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.
8 – Decent work and economic growth: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.
9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.
10 – Reduced inequalities: Reduce inequality within and among countries.
12 – Responsible consumption and production: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.