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Why did we enter into an environmental commitment?

We have decided to commit to reducing our carbon emissions and contribute to protecting the environment.
Today, 13 million hectares of forest disappear each year, according to Food and Agriculture Organization – FAO. IPCC reports warn of a climate emergency. Some of the effects are already irreversible and temperatures are rising too fast.
Actions can be taken, and as a company we have decided to act.

Our Commitment is real and long-lasting

This commitment is shared and the values are promoted both by the management team and by all employees.
Environmental protection is one of our four core values.

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The Green Team: A committed team that shares and promotes the values of environmental protection

The Green Team is the in-house team, composed of a dozen volunteer employees, alongside Timothée Saumet, Chief Impact Officer and Fanny Cabezas part-time impact mission manager, who joined in 2022.  The goal is to find solutions and implement actions to reduce our footprint on the planet.

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Our approach

Planting trees is not enough

We started by analysing our own carbon emissions. To do this, we followed the Climate Promotion of WeCount experts, and analysed our activities to find out our full carbon footprint, enabling us to identify areas for action.

The main CO2 emissions of an ISV do not come from computer servers!

Our action plan


Promoting sustainable mobility

Travel is one of our main sources of greenhouse gas emissions. We are carrying out operations to optimize travel and reduce its impact on the environment, while maintaining our business. (fleet of electric bicycles, sustainable mobility package, etc.)

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Saving energy on all our sites and agencies.

We have introduced the "flex office", with a minimum of two days of telecommuting possible per week. We have moved downtown to avoid long commutes, to be closer to public transportation and to offer a smaller surface area to save energy.

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Making our purchases more eco-responsible

Signing the Purchasing Charter, favouring low energy consumption appliances, increasing the life span and recycling rate of our waste electrical and electronic equipment...


Implementing a responsible purchasing policy

Raise awareness among our employees, suppliers and partners Encourage our suppliers and partners to implement an approach adapted to their sector of activity in order to control the environmental impacts of their activities, products and services. This commitment is based on the principle of continuous improvement, which is the guiding principle of our environmental approach.

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More efficiency, less environmental impact

Our digital solutions help businesses and organisations reduce paper.  This leads less paper consumption but also less storage space.
Did you know that the paper industry is a polluting, water- and energy-intensive industry? On average, the paper consumption of an employee in 1 year is equivalent to 100,000 litres of water.

This environmental commitment is at the heart of our research and development.

Our future plans

Better guide you on your carbon savings thanks to our solutions.

Always allow you to digitise easily and improve your efficiency.

Study carbon offsetting and start investing in it to compensate for what cannot be eliminated.

Together, we believe that building a more responsible world is possible.