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Efalia Sign, the fast, secure signature to get your documents signed easily.

Efalia Sign is an online platform that enables you to enter into contracts face-to-face or remotely and easily. You can improve the experience with the signatory and customer satisfaction.

Our electronic signature software is eIDAS compliant and ensures compliance with European standards.

Signing and having documents signed and tracking them, becomes simple and fast with our intuitive, accessible interface.

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Submit your document (contract, proposal, order, etc.)

Submit your documents and then identify the signatories. Click Submit.

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The designated signatories sign the document online

Signatories are notified by email. They can access Efalia Sign and view the documents. They sign using a unique code received by SMS.

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Everyone can access the signed contract on the platform.

Signatories are informed by email that they can download the contract. These documents are signed and time-stamped electronically: they are self-sufficient and anyone with the document and a PDF reader can verify their reliability.

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Why choose Efalia Sign?

Opt for an easy-to-use, intuitive, accessible, secure app.  The first 10 electronic signatures are free, TRY IT!


Improve customer satisfaction

Give your customers and partners a modern and efficient image of your company, who will benefit from a simple, fast and smooth service.

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Move towards the “Zero Paper” target

Digitising your contracts will also enable you to drastically reduce your printing costs and paper consumption.

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Ensure the confidentiality of your data

and legal certainty through authorisations, reliable authentication, and a time-stamped and archived evidence record.


Improve your productivity

By automating the processing of your signatures and managing your pending contracts (dashboard, reminder).

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time to market

Shorten your sales cycles

By eliminating logistical problems and eliminating unwanted delays.

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Efalia support

Efalia is also a team of experts in digitisation and document processing, working alongside you to support you in defining your needs and implementing your projects.

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Efalia offers a range of training courses on electronic signatures, administration and the use of our signature solution, as well as on the integration of Efalia Sign with your business applications. Our training takes place intra or inter-company, face-to-face or remotely.

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For your projects, we provide you with teams of consultants, specialists in digital documents in many sectors and businesses. We support you during the project management phases, with the digitisation of your documents, the installation of our solutions and the development of connectors.

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Third-party application maintenance

Efalia offers you additional operational functional support, aimed at optimising the use of our digital solution, beyond first-level support. This is the Alliance programme. In addition to solving any problems encountered, it includes monitoring the use of the product and improvement scenarios in how it is operated, in order to optimise their use.

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A trusted, secure cloud for critical services and strategic data. Efalia’s offer includes outsourced hosting and comprehensive operation by Efalia.

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Because a demo is worth a thousand words, contact our digitisation experts for a personalised demonstration of our solutions.

Efalia Suite

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Electronic Content Management

Facilitate information sharing and accelerate the digitization of document processes.

Citizen participation plateform

Have a citizen consultation platform to facilitate the active participation of citizens in public life.

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Business Process Management

Automate your business processes simply and easily with a Business Process Management platform.

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Output Management Software

Reinvent your documents and create quality, value-added documents for better customer communication.

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