What if you transform the way you sell?

For a salesperson, more than half of the time is spent on “non-sales”: account management, data processing, administrative tasks… These tasks have no impact on revenue and make the daily work more complex.
It is difficult to qualify prospects and prioritize exchanges.

The multiplication of channels and the lead generation outside of the standard processes induce a traceability difficult to apprehend and penalize the operational efficiency of the sales teams.


Wasting time on low value-added stocks

risk management 2

Risk of loss of opportunities

risk management

Poor sales experience

A sales enablement solution like Efalia Tracking significantly increases your sales performance by enabling you to focus on proposals with a high probability of signature.

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Differentiate your business offers

By digitising your business documents, you can store, centralise, share and manage your sales proposals and your sales cycle more efficiently.

Add, delete, replace documents in a few clicks and streamline the relationship with your customers, prospects and partners, etc.
Send business proposals in a single, dynamic link.

You no longer have to waste time searching for the right documents to send. Your prospect or customer can view and retrieve your documents in a dedicated area effortlessly.

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Analyse your prospects easily and quickly

The right actions at the right time:

No more unnecessary calls and reminders. Send reminders to likely prospects at the right time and automate low value-added reminder tasks.

Instantly analyse the level of interest of your recipients to trigger the best possible action, whether automatic or human thanks to intelligent scoring and advice on the platform.

Manage the activity and consolidate the sales pipeline.

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Prepare a custom pitch

Using document reading statistics, you can identify the most read parts of your documents and prepare your personalised pitch. Upgrade your media and showcase the right documents.

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Simplify your signature process

Edit and have your documents filled in online. Within minutes and remotely, get your recipients to sign the shared documents and make your sales happen faster.

Why choose Efalia Tracking?

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A secure sharing space

Simplify the compilation of your business documents and proposals

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data share

Simplified document sharing

Simplified document sharing

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Scoring and classified prospects

With our machine learning predictive algorithm-based scoring, prioritise opportunities

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Simple electronic signature

Make your documents “signable” in one click thanks to unlimited e-signature

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Efalia Tracking is easy to integrate into your CRM

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