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Case Management

Every incoming request, no matter how complex, must be answered in the best possible way. To ensure this end-to-end processing, you can rely on a Case Management solution

What is Case Management?

For each incoming request (customer, supplier, partner, etc.), regardless of the channel through which it arrives, you need to ensure that it is handled correctly, by the right people, in the best timeframe and according to good practice, in order to guarantee the best response.

This type of request, or customer case, usually involves managing a wealth of information, which is then processed through different processes, supplemented with new documents, and involving many staff. A case management solution can streamline these work processes and improve performance.

A case management solution combines structured and unstructured information, as well as rigid and flexible processes with a human touch, so that business specialists can contribute their expertise to the response.

The entire processing chain is dematerialised for greater customer satisfaction.


Cross-functional, flexible and dynamic process


Shared work

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Customer and employee experience


Multi-channel traceability

Case management
what are the needs, to do what?

Case Management helps organisations streamline and accelerate work processes in complex cases

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collaborative work and file sharing

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Encourage collaborative working and sharing of cases

From receiving a request to be processed and providing an appropriate response, a multitude of tasks and information will have to be integrated, structured and distributed to the right people. This is the whole purpose of case management, to allow the right contact person to process the right information quickly and efficiently in order to provide the most appropriate response possible.

Case Management (CM) software will enable you to facilitate this collaborative work and provide the right information, at the right time, to the right person, in order to make the right decision. So, you can combine content, processes and collaboration (stakeholders) within the same platform.

For example, Paul, a sales representative, has just received an expression of requirement from his customer. Paul assesses this request, completes it and requests additional documents from his customer. He then asks the technical team for their input to provide an appropriate response. Paul writes a sales offer using the technical elements. He has his offer validated by the sales manager to be sent to his customer.

Case Management software enables Paul to have full traceability over his customer case and collaborate with the technical team. The sales manager validates the offer in accordance with the company’s internal rules.

There are many different benefits to this:

Increased performance

Improved collaboration

Greater employee experience

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Centralise cases

With its multi-channel approach, Case Management makes it possible to centralise the various documents in the case in a single space, as the case moves forward.

No more searching for individual documents, no more manually grouping documents, all documents available to handle the case are easily accessible.  This offers many advantages:

Facilitated access to information

Increased reliability of information

Time saving

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Manage your activities

The processing of a case requires certain tasks to be automated (ADR for example), the use of predictive processes, non-predictive but controlled processes, in order to give managers the freedom to act and make decisions.

Controlling and managing the activity are therefore at the heart of Case Management software, so that managers can act on time and track the progress of their cases. For managers, they need to have real-time dashboards on current processing operation, per type of case, customer, team or other criteria. This management, as accurate as possible, offers many advantages:

Improved customer information

Re-balancing of loads

Case tracking

What benefits can you expect from Case Management software?

A CM solution is a performance booster for your teams to serve your customers



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the performance of your teams

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A customer-focused approach

The use of Case Management software optimises the user journey thanks to a multi-channel one-stop shop. Cases are digitised from end to end and handled according to a customer-focused and highly customised approach, thanks to the flexibility of the processes offered by Case Management.

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Maximise the performance of your teams

Case Management software provides teams with a single interface to centralise and link all the information to the right case. Management teams can increase their performance in their assignments thanks to immediate and simple access to all the documents in a case.

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Boost productivity

Time-consuming and non-value-added tasks can be automated in Case Management software. For example, Automatic Document Reading (ADR) makes it possible to automate the verification that a case has all the elements required and that these documents are compliant.

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