What if you stopped uncontrolled purchasing?

How many purchase requests are made outside the purchasing policy? Outside of any process? Despite well-known situations that we see every day:

Wildcatting means a multitude of orders, suppliers to create, transactions to process, deliveries to receive and often, it gets out of hand.

All these processes consume time, money and are not without consequences for your company.


Loss of time and efficiency

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Operational risks


Damaged employee experience

Don’t wait any longer, and manage this process via a Purchase to pay solution.

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Secure your procurement policy with a Procure-to-Pay process

Digitisation of the non-production procurement process

The question no longer arises for strategic or core business purchases. They have long been managed in a structured manner using well-established processes and integrated software or solutions. This is not the case for indirect purchases which, for 80% of companies, are poorly managed:

  • No verification of the level of expenditure against the budget
  • No hierarchical validation
  • An order placed with a supplier that is not listed
  • An invoice that will be received by the accounting department without knowing the origin
  • An invoice paid without a payment order

However, the management of indirect purchases ought to be optimised because these one-off or irregular purchases, if well managed, can be a real source of savings.

Stop uncontrolled purchasing

Manage and secure the entire process: from purchase to payment

Consolidate purchasing and finance

Streamline the number of suppliers

By digitising the procurement process using a Business Process Management solution, you can manage the entire life cycle of the request: creation, validation, order/invoice consolidation, accounting integration, payment order and dispute management.

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Manage the reliable audit trail, ensure regulatory compliance

By managing the various documents supporting the reliable audit trail (PAF) electronically, you can certify the origin of your invoices.

The order

The delivery/acceptance slip

Proof of payment

The invoice

The contract

Documents are stored, filed and secured in a document space. Searching for an attachment in the event of an inspection is immediate, and you automatically consolidate the PAF.

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Manage and measure your financial performance

The digitisation of the P2P (Procure-to-Pay) process makes it possible to track and then collect a great deal of information that can be used and presented via dashboards.

You can measure the performance of the Procure-to-Pay process using different metrics:

Number of procurement requests per month

Number of orders per month

Invoices pending approval

Invoices disputed...

Likewise, you can measure financial performance using key indicators:

Breakdown of purchasing per cost centre

Amount of orders received but not invoiced

Amount of invoices received but not paid...

And lastly, you can analyse the performance of your suppliers:

Amount of purchases per vendor

Number of disputed invoices per supplier...

Why choose Efalia Suite?

The digitisation of the Procure-to-Pay process is a real performance lever for your company. Such an automated process ensures that procurement activities make a significant contribution to profitability by significantly reducing processing costs, minimising operational risks, and improving efficiency and control.

This enables Purchasing departments to focus on higher value-added tasks by eliminating time-consuming activities.



Digitise per process, then expand as and when required.

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One-stop shop

A single gateway for the employee, all data and all financial processes easily accessible.

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Regulatory compliance

Protected, tracked and accessible data with a reliable audit trail available in case of inspection.

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Activity monitoring

Comprehensive dashboards to enhance and monitor purchasing activity.

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Platform open to the outside, easily integrated into your accounting or business applications.

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Why digitise the Procure-to-Pay process?

time to market

You save time

Indirect purchases represent 5% of expenses but 60% of orders.

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You save money

The processing cost is reduced from 95 € per purchase request to 19 €.

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You gain in serenity

100% of the process is secure and complies with your purchasing policy

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You improve collaboration between departments

A 100% fluid process that facilitates decision making.

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