The challenges of successful customer complaint management


Your worth comes from your customers! Just ask your quality department or your customer service department:

Your customers constitute your company’s biggest asset, so don’t disappoint them by letting complaints go unanswered or responding slowly! Don’t wait before implementing a complaint and non-conformity management system tailored to your values.

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How are complaints currently handled?

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What is the management process?

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What solutions are used?

Because customer complaint management has to satisfy three goals:


Improving customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance

to increase their loyalty and thus increase your company’s long-term profitability.


Improving product quality, services and procedures

through preventive and corrective action carried out when a non-conformity arises. These actions are decisive in winning new customers and extending market share.


Protecting your brand image

and thus avoiding customer dissatisfaction. Media contagion spreads extremely quickly, especially through social networks.

Finally, many dissatisfied customers do not even take the time to submit a complaint to the company, because in many cases businesses do not provide digital complaint mechanisms on their websites, enabling customers to declare complaints easily and, even more importantly track them. The company thus loses customers without even realizing it due to the absence of an official complaint!

Convinced of the need to industrialize your complaint management process?

Test Workey Store now – it offers a ready-to-use cloud solution to manage the whole internal process for handling customer complaints and non-conformities and the associated actions. The solution is fully customizable via the Workey Business Process Management platform.

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Yes, but what are the benefits?

We also provide an all-digital customer complaint process with our portal solution, together with quality program management incorporating all the complaints arriving via different channels (mail, email etc.) in the form of our MultiGest document solution.


  • Complaint management workflow for improved tracking
  • Option of associating action plans with a complaint to reduce the cost of quality failures
  • Status tracking for relevant customer information
  • Single repository for complaints, non-conformities and actions for better information sharing
  • Statistics and dashboards (complaint volumes, types etc.) for real-time supervision
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