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Workey, a BPM platform like no other

Workey is a software platform that enables you to create and deploy web applications for your business quickly and with no development. The first versions of Workey were designed simply to model processes and procedures so that any organization, however simple or complex, could be represented graphically. It was a solution intended for business. To standardize the presentation, Workey relies on a public-domain method and language, OSSAD, which has the advantage of being easy to understand (few graphical symbols) and yet rich enough to express any type of process. The deliverable of Workey’s initial version was thus documentation about different processes. Ultimately, the processes expressed in Workey were formal enough that the idea emerged to enrich the platform so that all the components needed for an application could be defined.

All that remained was to develop an engine able to understand and interpret the logic produced by the design tool to take care of the business process management.

So Workey is a solution whose DNA comes from business activity rather than technical activity.

With Workey, you can digitalize your processes and compose your application:

  • Flow rules,
  • Management rules,
  • Forms,
  • Dashboards,
  • Connectors to the existing IT system.

Everything is orchestrated by the Business Process Management software platform, presenting the user with a new digital experience through a unified web interface.

Workey, a solution that integrates with your ecosystem

Workey is an open solution with a RESTful API, enabling you to integrate the solution directly into your working environments (EDM software, user portal, intranet) or the business software on the market.

Workey offers native integration with all the EFALIA group solutions:

Workey, a Low-Code platform

A Low-Code platform is a visual programming platform that enables anyone to improvise as a coder, creating applications quickly and easily without having to write a single line of code.

Workey fits perfectly into this family, offering a graphical environment for composing applications, Workey Designer, where you can bring together the components needed for any application:

  • Modeling processes and procedures
  • Defining management rules
  • Modeling forms, with rules defining which fields are visible
  • Modeling dashboards
  • Modeling connectors to the IT system

Workey Engine, meanwhile, is the conductor that coordinates the execution of all the applications you deploy.

The Workey Client web interface gives all users a portal for accessing the different applications deployed on the platform.

In short, the Workey platform enables business staff to create high-impact business solutions quickly and easily.


Workey, your application composition studio

What are the benefits of a BPM platform for the IT department?


Shared BPM platform

The IT department has the advantage of a single platform, enabling it to pool investments. A single platform can satisfy separate business needs.


Bringing project owners and project managers together

The business unit is actively involved from the design stage, using a modeling language rather than a technical language. This reduces the gulf of incomprehension that often exists between the IT world and the business world. Both sides share a vision of the application, and the result is the fruit of close collaboration between the business unit and the IT department.




Rapid deployment

A business expert and a Workey designer act together to accelerate application production.

What are the business benefits of a BPM or Low-Code platform?

  • The business unit becomes an active participant in designing and producing its own applications. The modeling phases involve producing specifications, and are purely oriented towards the business unit. With no technical aspects, these phases have the great advantage of showing immediate results in line with the application being modeled. There is no longer any disconnect between the specification and the result. The approach is agile, and the process can be optimized in each iteration. With Workey Designer, you say what needs to be done, and with Workey Engine, you do what you said!
  • When the applications generated are used, the Workey platform harmonizes the user interfaces so that each application no longer needs its own specific interface. Users have a unified web interface enabling them to access a collection of applications with a standard look and feel, making them easier to adopt and use.

Deploy your applications with greater speed and agility thanks to Workey.

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