Efalia joins the “Pépites” program (“Nuggets”),

We do indeed have the honor and privilege to join this fine program, run by Greater Lyon and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon Metropole. The program’s aim is to support fast growing SMEs.

In addition to the label and the visibility this project brings, Efalia intends to take advantage of the support offered by these two bodies in favor of businesses who want to accelerate their development. This is an opportunity for Efalia, and a guarantee of quality for its customers...

The company’s ambition is to become one of the European leaders for document process management, and the Efalia teams are executing this plan effect methodically and serenely.

Since Etienne Paillard acquired the Eric Archivage company in 2011, Efalia has been growing constantly, both organically and through acquisitions which make sense in relation to the company’s overall strategy.

The latest acquisition, 6TZen, enables us to offer our private and public sector customers a solution for management of end-user relations which is quite clearly the technological leader on its market, and is positioned as the portal for Efalia solutions.

The “Pépites” program enables us to call on the services of external consultants chosen by our partners, who are going to help us continue on this growth trajectory like gardeners tending a plant …

Whether it’s in the realm of internal organization, communication or our international projects, experts nominated by the program will come into support us and help us move forward.

As a nugget is usually the promise of a prosperous future, we hope above all that this promise is to keep providing better service to our customers, and to make every effort to achieve this goal.

This also means special attention must be paid to our teams and our organization so that they grow together.

PASCAL CHARRIER, Managing Director of Efalia