Hello everybody,

It is more than likely that we have already wished you a happy new year, but as the date this newsletter is sent out allows me to do so, I would like to wish you and all your loved ones a fantastic year in 2019, in every aspect of your lives.
After the assessment of 2018, we want to look to the future and talk about our wishes for the year 2019 relating to the Efalia group, its customers, and perhaps in a wider sense, all the subjects associated with digitalization of documents, processes and information taken in its broadest meaning.

Wish number 1: Provide you with more solutions.

The Efalia group publishes software in the plural! Our mission is therefore to deploy applications with better performance, delivering more services. To do this we are active in three complementary spheres:

  • We invest massively in R&D for our existing applications (more than 20% of our sales figure in 2018)
  • We add to our offering by acquiring complementary solutions, which make sense for our customers.
  • We open up our solutions to other applications on the market by means of connectors which must be simple to put into operation (which sometimes raises questions, because our good intentions have to adapt to the priorities of our publisher partners).

Wish number 2: Bring you more services. 

As we grow, we understand our customers’ needs better and have more resources to place at their disposal. Our team of consultants has therefore undergone considerable expansion, and every year we invest in supporting these multi-disciplinary teams. So to guarantee a very high level of customer of service, we believe it is fundamental to:

  • Continually train our teams, not only on the enhancements to our own solutions, but also on project methodologies and educational tools for training.
  • Specialize without polarizing: we have experts in many different business areas. We need to delve further into this expertise, but also maintain a high level of communication between the teams so that we never forget the customer’s point of view.
  • Structure procedures for the entire life cycle of our customers, pre-sales, project, TMA and support to guarantee continuity of service and also maintain customer knowledge. In particular this means our consultant teams have to have the right tools.

New solutions have emerged, focusing on customer follow-up once projects have finished. This is destined to continue to be able to meet all your needs.

Wish number 3: Bring you more information.

We know how to provide you with the right tools, train you and support you in your use of these digital tools. However, for our mission to be comprehensive, we must also enable you to make choices in full possession of the facts. Above and beyond our consultancy missions, Efalia must also provide with a high level of information, business intelligence and sharing of best practice. This is the objective in particular of:

  • These newsletters, which are intended to be fleshed out more during the year.
  • Numerous webinars that we organize and which are available on our “replay” site.
  • Different events that we organize or participate in, in order to remain in close contact with our users.

One of the ways of increasing these exchanges is the creation of a users’ club. I will give you more details about this in an upcoming newsletter.
Rather than wishes, in this editorial I wanted to tell you about all the efforts we want to make during this year 2019, to be at your side in more and more areas every day. So I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter, and look forward to our next rendez-vous very soon..

PASCAL CHARRIER, Managing Director of Efalia