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MultiGest is an Electronic Content Management solution that makes your daily life easier thanks to a rich, intuitive feature set.

  • Share documents within secure spaces and accelerate the digital transformation of your business processes (HR, finance, quality etc.)
  • Benefit from a ready-to-use, customizable platform that can meet all your business needs

The principle of the MultiGest ECM system

MULTIGEST is a fully web-based ECM and content management system offering streamlined, intuitive interfaces. The functional principle behind MULTIGEST is to reproduce paper filing cabinets, which helps users adapt quickly to its use.
The cabinet-based filing system offered by the MULTIGEST solution makes it easy to implement different classification schemes within your organization. Each department can have its own MULTIGEST EDM cabinet with its own metadata, authorizations and classification scheme.
For each cabinet, the intuitive web administration interface allows you to define:

  • The metadata associated with the information.
  • The document classification scheme in the form of a tree structure.
  • Users’ authorizations and permissions.
  • The life cycles of folders and documents.

The main features of the ECM system

MultiGest incorporates the best technologies for information capture, management, searching, security, conservation and sharing.

MultiGest offers all the features you need for a successful digital transformation.

Compliance with ECM standards

MULTIGEST is a well-tested and widely-used ECM solution. It is based on strong ideas of compliance with standards and recommendations:

  • MULTIGEST respects the OAIS model (ISO 14721 standard)
  • MULTIGEST respects the SEDA archival data exchange standard (SEDA version 0.2) proposed by SIAF (the French inter-ministerial archive service)

All operations carried out on documents can be time-stamped (compliance with the AFNOR NF Z42-013 and NF Z42-020 standards and the jurisprudence of France’s Court of Cassation).

The archiving formats used by MULTIGEST (TIFF, PDF/A etc.) are recommended by the RGI interoperability standard.

Tools enable documents to be replicated to ensure that operations remain continuously available: traceability is assured even if a system is affected by an incident (compliance with OAIS).

Internal electronic signature mechanisms ensure the security of both documents and event logs in compliance with the AFNOR NF Z42-013 and NF Z42-020 standards.

To meet interoperability requirements, MULTIGEST respects the CMIS standard via its universal ECM connector.

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