Create your business applications with a Low-Code approach

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Has your legitimate request for an application that meets your needs still not been met? Or worse still, not even heard?

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Who has never dreamed of having exactly the business application they need quickly with no need for development?

The temptation to develop a service and/or application in-house has sometimes become a necessity for some corporate departments. The goal behind this development is always the same – to meet users’ needs. These needs are sometimes very simple, but they always reflect reality on the ground. And sadly, an Excel spreadsheet is no longer up to the job!

How can you successfully develop, deploy and deliver an application when your coding knowledge goes no further than using a few Excel macros?

Low-code solutions are an efficient means of responding to this problem simply. These solutions allow you to define all the elements of a business application graphically, i.e.:

  • Flow rules,
  • Management rules,
  • Forms,
  • Dashboards,
  • Connectors to the existing IT system.

Everything is orchestrated by the software platform, presenting the user with a new digital experience through a unified web interface. The approach can even be called No Code when the application is deployed directly with no development at all.


The benefits of this approach are many:


Filling the gap

between large software packages and cumbersome IT development with agile application development.


Reducing operational risks.


special development.


The involvement of business users
from the application design stage
avoids the inconvenience of its later rejection.


The Low Code platform
is shared
between multiple applications.


Having a scalable
application that responds
to business needs.

IT departments, faced with increasing numbers of requests for applications, you can deliver new applications quickly and improve them continuously. That’s what the Workey low-code software platform is for.

Deploy applications more quickly and with greater agility with Workey.

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