Hello everybody,

Partnerships, Electronic signature and inter-departmental organization. EFALIA continues to progress, bringing you more solutions to digitalize and optimize your performance.

We have begun a complete transformation of our organization, products and commercial approach so as to be able to offer all our solutions via a network of top quality partners, capable of providing you with comprehensive support in immediate proximity to your premises.

Two prestigious companies solidly established in their respective markets have been won over by this approach: EKSAE (ex Cegid Public) a leader in Finance and HR solutions for French local administrations, and REDSEN, a leader in Assistance to Contracting Authorities on the Swiss market.

We are strengthening our product portfolio with the Contrat-Privé platform, making it possible to electronically sign your documents with complete security. Contrat-Privé is now connected to Multigest et Workey, enabling you to implement all your document processes in a fluid manner.

Finally, we are setting up a cross-cutting internal organization across all our entities (Appic, CLOG, Efalia, 6tzen). The EFALIA management team consisting of the executive managers of the companies brought together in what is EFALIA today, shares the same ambition. They want to bring you innovative solutions, available and professional support to help you optimize your processes.

ETIENNE PAILLARD, President of Efalia