Collection, production and Management of document flows for the LCIE Bureau Veritas group with Efalia ECM


The Laboratoire Central des Industries Electriques (Central Laboratory of Electrical Industries), founded in 1882, is an electric and electronic equipment/parts testing and certification laboratory. LCIE Bureau Veritas has been a subsidiary of Bureau Veritas since 2001. LCIE Bureau Veritas supports its customers from the development phase to the sale of their products: expertise, testing, certification, audit, inspection and training.

Today, LCIE Bureau Veritas has:

  • 6 testing sites in France
  • International laboratories located in the United Kingdom, Germany, USA, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

The problem

The management and monitoring of services provided by LCIE Bureau Veritas involves the collection, production and exchange (either internal or with their customers) of a significant number of documents, whether commercial in nature (quotes, offers, orders, invoices), or administrative or technical (test reports, certificates, technical data sheets). The concept of “document” is a highly strategic matte for LCIE Bureau Veritas at it is at the heart of their business processes.

A number of difficulties were highlighted

Difficult for the LCIE Bureau Veritas teams to have a comprehensive and precise overview of the progress of their cases (from design to customer invoicing).

Case files made up of multi-flow documents (paper, office suite, email, business software).

Windows document classification not well suited to collaborative work (difficult to search, multiple copies, etc.).

It was difficult to share/circulate documents between LCIE Bureau Veritas employees working on the same cases.

Little communication with customers on the progress of their orders.

The solution offered by Efalia ECM (formerly FileDirector)

In order to solve their collection management, production and document flow issues, in 2014, LCIE Bureau Veritas rolled out the ECM and document flow management solution Efalia ECM (formerly FileDirector).

The benefits of rolling out Efalia ECM at LCIE Bureau Veritas include:

  • Replacing paper documents, making it possible to get rid of multiple copies
  • Centralising and reducing the filing of all LCIE Bureau Veritas customer case documents (each employee with sufficient access rights can access the right document, and the right version of the document)
  • Standardising and automating document circulation processes: from the initial customer request right through to the documents being submitted to the customer (test reports/certificates) and invoicing for services provided; alongside physical interactions: “arrival of samples”, “performance of tests”, etc.
  • Managing all documents from all LCIE Bureau Veritas sites
  • Secure archiving of documents

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