How do the foreign subsidiaries of a major European bank produce between 5 and 20 million pages a year on demand to communicate with their customers?

A European banking group with an international customer base has risen to the challenge!
Find out how the group put the right solutions and processes in place to satisfy the needs of its foreign subsidiaries in record time.

Our client’s banking activity covers two main areas:

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via an international network of branches and offices offering services to retail clients.

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via an international network of financial institutions offering services dedicated to companies and institutions.

In 2018, its International Retail Banking division launched a project to modernize its information system, choosing a standard Core Banking solution developed by a specialist software publisher.
This fundamental change required the application solution to be supplemented with a software component dedicated to document design and production, primarily for documents to be sent to customers.

Several challenges awaited the banking group:

  • Producing a wide variety of complex documents such as contracts, account statements and subscription contract bundles.
  • Producing these documents in multiple languages, and always in French, English and Arabic.
  • Producing between five and twenty million pages a year depending on the subsidiary.

This result was achieved thanks to the dialog set up between a standard Core Banking application, which inherently generates a considerable flow of communications to customers, and a document solution able to manage this communication day after day, in the volumes and time scales required, in the form of high-quality, personalized documents with complex logical structures.
Naturally, the solution had to work within the constraints of the current IT system architectures and the security requirements essential for banking activities and have a back-office component that could be triggered via a web service.

The Efalia output management solution produces thousands of personalized documents every day on demand

  • The client wanted to capitalize on Efalia’s tried and tested solutions, which it was already using with total satisfaction in their asynchronous version.
  • In this new context, the web service version of the production engines in the Efalia output management solution are called on daily to satisfy the needs of the different subsidiaries.

Communication between the two systems take place via a bidirectional API so that the composed document is returned to the business application responsible for sending it out.


"The functional richness of the solution, combined with Efalia's experience supporting the client, meant the project was completed on time. The client is now independent following the skills transfer provided."

Bonus: savings and a scalable solution that anticipates future needs

This non-intrusive solution has made it possible to achieve the document complexity required with no specific modifications to the data models generated by the Core Banking application.
The Efalia solution alone produces documents on demand and in batch mode. This means the Efalia output management solution is a single tool for both modes of use, generating immediate savings, greater simplicity in use, easier maintenance and the possibility of anticipating future needs.
Thanks to its flexibility, the solution adapts to the architecture in place to cover the specific needs of an international network. Efalia adapted its offering to suit the dimensions of each subsidiary.
The simplicity of the solution makes it easy to localize the documents whenever another subsidiary is equipped with the system.

Efalia’s capacity to respond to requests from the client for technical enhancements and support during peaks of development workload contributed to the overall success of the project.

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