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Interface with the OSIRIS working time management software

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Over 30 processes digitalized

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Strategic processes brought under control

When the Louvre calls on the Efalia BPM solution…


The Louvre, a public institution, has chosen the Efalia BPM solution following a competitive consultation through a public call for bids.

A centuries-old institution focused on the future, the heir to the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, the Louvre quickly secured a place as the “museum of museums”, an institution that has served as a model and a benchmark ever since.

A multitude of roles coexist in the museum. While most of the staff are public employees, certain specific roles are fulfilled by contractors.

Context behind the BPM business applications project

Everyone knowing and applying the museum’s rules is the key to the public institution’s legal and financial security.

The museum’s procedures guarantee the standardization of practices across all its departments and divisions, contributing to better dialog between staff members and continuity of service.

The Louvre launched a program to survey and analyze its procedures at the request of senior executives.

The survey resulted in an inventory of existing procedures and confirmed the management’s desire to undertake an initiative aiming to better formalize and control all the procedures at the Louvre.

The Efalia BPM solution


  • Automate certain manual tasks and help to digitalize certain operations.
  • Promote exchanges between different stakeholders.
  • Take control of processes considered strategic or critical for the Louvre.
  • Continuously improve process quality, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Guarantee the traceability and auditing of procedures.

Feedback: the Louvre’s processes digitalized by Efalia

Over 30 processes at the museum were digitalized, including:

The annual leave process for all museum staff. Interfacing with the working time management software OSIRIS, the application enables:

  • Every employee to access their leave records.
  • Heads of department to view leave schedules for their departments.
  • Leave counters to be updated directly within the Osiris system.

Another automated HR process digitalizes the management of recruitment for contractors and full members of staff.

In terms of business processes, two other processes were automated:

  • The process for requesting services from the museum’s specialists manages the scheduling of work involving museum collections and the allocation of human and material resources across the different workshops. Automating this process enables real-time monitoring of how requests are followed up.

The automation of the private events organization process concerns companies wishing to organize events on the Louvre’s premises. If confirmed, these events are subject to an agreement between the company and the museum.