The Communauté de Communes des Portes du Luxembourg simplifies User Relationship Management with Efalia E-gov

The Communauté de Communes des Portes du Luxembourg (CCPL) is a grouping of 50 municipalities and 20,500 residents. It chose the E-gov URM (User Relationship Management) solution from Efalia to digitalize its administrative processes. The solution aims to facilitate and digitalize relations with partners and users.

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The Communauté de Communes des Portes du Luxembourg

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The Communauté de Communes des Portes du Luxembourg (CCPL) is a grouping of municipalities in the Ardennes, in the Grand Est region.
It includes 50 municipalities and a population of around 20,500 spread across 500 km² of territory.
The Community Council consists of 73 elected councilors and members of the Community Office. It is responsible for several service areas, including:

  • Waste collection
  • Economic and tourism development
  • Housing policy and quality of life
  • Family services
  • Public health
  • Cultural and sporting facilities
  • Land planning
  • Showcasing the environment
  • Mobility

Why embark on a digitalization project?

The organization launched a digitalization project for its administrative procedures as part of a broader modernization program for public administration called “Action Publique 2022”.
This initiative followed the pandemic and aimed to accelerate the transformation of public administration.

As part of the project, CCPL set up a centralized solution for electronic mail management and a partner portal. The idea was to simplify administrative tasks and accelerate business processes.
In the future, the portal will be extended to all stakeholders, including residents (except for births, marriages and deaths), the municipalities, businesses and partners, alongside a more global Document Management System.

Arriving two years ago to prioritize this project, which had been neglected due to lack of resources, we wanted to find the appropriate custom tool able to adapt to our organization and our processes.

Lola Gaudefroy, Secretary General of CCPL

Why did CCPL choose the Efalia E-gov User Relationship Management solution?



Rich feature set

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Adapted to the public sector

Capacity for extension to a global DMS


Scalability of the solution

Mail management, user portal, user relationship management

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So far, the URM (User Relationship Management) module has been put in place to streamline communication with partners, and around 6,283 partner records have already been imported into the URM software. At the same time, a user portal is being developed, which will enable the online management of government planning forms, mobility allowances and grants for farmers, businesses and associations.

In practical terms, an interface has been developed to connect the CCPL’s inbox to the Efalia E-gov solution, improving incoming mail management (for both emails and paper letters).

This automatic integration makes it possible to collect all incoming mail, whether it arrives digitally (email) or on paper (to be scanned), and enables staff to fill in any information missing from the forms before sending them to the appropriate processing queue.

CCPL thus takes advantage of electronic mail management to make life simpler for its staff.

The Efalia solution has saved time for our employees and also represents a significant saving for the organization.
In addition, it improves and simplifies processing and case follow-up, resulting in a better service for our users, within a reliable, secure environment that promotes compliance and collaboration.
Lola Gaudefroy

Successful digitalization projects with Efalia

Scaling up the digitalization of documents and processes

Access to the portal will be extended to the municipalities, which will be trained in its use. Following this, CCPL will expand the integration of new forms. This will streamline collaboration between different stakeholders and guarantee that processes are compliant.

Deploying a document management platform

CCPL then plans to deploy a true document management platform aimed at all its employees, partners and residents.

Using a document management platform will enable the municipalities and CCPL employees to access all the documents and processes they need easily within a secure environment.

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