Efalia Tracking for the property sector

Property is a dynamic sector where efficient document management is essential for success. In this article, we will explore how using Efalia Tracking (Tilkee) can be a precious asset for property companies.

1. Real-time tracking of documents

Efalia Tracking (Tilkee) enables property companies to track in real time, the way in which their documents are viewed. This gives a comprehensive overview of customer behaviour, which is essential to understand their needs and adapt offers accordingly.

2. Optimisation of sales processes

In the property sector, timing is often crucial. Thanks to Efalia Tracking (Tilkee), companies can know when a potential customer opens a document, enabling them to react quickly and personalise any follow-up to increase the chances of a sale.

3. Adapt to the challenges of digitisation

The property sector is in the midst of a digital transformation. Efalia Tracking ( Tilkee) enables property companies to adapt to these challenges by offering precise digital tracking of documents, thereby fostering operational efficiency.

4. Measure the effectiveness of documents

Efalia Tracking (Tilkee) provides precious analytical data to evaluate the efficiency of sales documents. Property companies can identify the highest performing content and adjust this content accordingly to maximise the impact on potential customers.

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In conclusion, Tilkee (Efalia Tracking) offers property companies the tools they need to optimise their processes, gain a better understanding of their customers, adapt to the challenges of digitisation and measure the effectiveness of their documents. To remain competitive in a constantly changing market, adopting this technology is an undeniable strategic asset.

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