BD & Efalia: Efalia Compose and SAP work seamlessly together!

BricoDépôt & Efalia: Efalia Compose, an output management solution, works seamlessly with SAP!

Why did the company call on Efalia?

For over 25 years, our customer has been one of the major players in the mass distribution of specialist DIY/home improvement products.
In order to keep up with the changing market and remain competitive, the chain was looking for a solution that could be interfaced with SAP, to:

  • Manage output in the warehouses, taking into account the quality of the network and equipment.
  • Manage the decentralised production and printing of product labels and to manage the printing process.


What were the challenges of this project?

Efalia replaces SAP for the creation of product labels, using XSF feeds from the ERP system.

Once produced, the Efalia infrastructure directs the labels to the Efalia servers in each depot, and organises their routing to the relevant equipment. Flows are compressed before transfer to ensure easy transfer, regardless of the network infrastructure of the depots.

Lastly, Efalia Compose, Efalia’s output management solution, complements the SAP offering in line with customer requirements.


What were the different stages of the roll-out of this project?

Our customer’s output management project manager and one of Efalia’s experts were called in and given advanced training to make this project a success, in just 4 months!


What ROI was observed?

The roll-out of an output management base has resulted in economies of scale in the following areas:

  • Remote management of printing and distribution of documents to all warehouses.
  • Autonomy in the design and management of product labels.
  • Flexibility to tweak the information system (architecture, printers, etc.) without changing the document production parameters.
  • Being able to model and produce their documents independently.

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